The Patriots, A Dynasty. But How?

The New England Patriots have become a dynasty, but how have they done it?

Jonathan Rios, Journalist

   When one thinks of the New England Patriots three words come to mind dynasty, teamwork, and winning. They are known for winning so much to the point that people watch them, hoping they lose. How could this be possible? How can the Patriots be a solid team year after year despite changes to offensive core and the NFL evolving.

(Photo courtesy of Tyler Lockette (left) is intercepted by Malcolm Butler (right) in Super Bowl 49 with 40 seconds left allowing the Patriots to run the clock out and win 28-24

(photo courtesy of Julian Edelman makes an incredible physical feat catching a ball that was nearly picked in a swarm of Atlanta defenders to advance the patriots to their final touchdown of regulation in Super Bowl 51. The Patriots would come back from a 28-3 3rd quarter deficit to win in overtime 34-28

   The Patriots weren’t a well known team in the sixties to nineties having made the playoffs 6 times and losing 2 Superbowls. In 2000 things would change for the better after 4th year Head Coach Pete Carroll  left and was replaced with first year Head Coach Bill Belichick.

   2000 saw another change in the Patriots’ offense when quarterback Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round from Michigan. After Quarterback Drew Bledsoe was injured in a week 2 match against the New York Jets, Tom Brady took over and started to turn the season around.

   The Patriots got it together, won 11 games that season, and beat the heavily favored St. Louis Rams in the 16-13 Super Bowl surprising everyone. This was the beginning, but how did the Patriots pull off 6 Super Bowls in less than 20 years?

   Ever since the 2001, two things stayed the same, Quarterback Tom Brady, and Head Coach Bill Belichick. Brady has only missed one season since 2001 and that was in 2008 where he was injured, but the patriots still won 11 games that season. Surprisingly they would end up missing the playoffs. 

   That season New England didn’t rely on their running game, but they relied on Quarterback Matt Cassel and receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker. New England has always been strong in passing; therefore’ the Patriots have seen many changes to running backs and fullbacks over the years.

(photo courtesy of David Tyree has one of the luckiest moments in NFL history catching the ball by pinning it to his helmet. This results in a tough luck loss for the Patriots in Super Bowl 42 17-14

   Belichick has remained New England’s HC since 2001 and has helped make critical decisions for the program. One of these decisions was drafting Julian Edelman in the 7th round. Edelman aided in the winning of Superbowl 51 and was the MVP in Superbowl 53.

   Brady has also seen many receivers come and go. Guys like Randy Moss are really good ball catchers, but what good is a good catcher without a quarterback who can throw accurately? Danny Amendola played for the Patriots until 2018 and after signing with the Miami Dolphins he has not been the same. Brady delivers no matter the talent on the field.

   Belichick’s play calling and strategies are key factors to the Patriots’ success. Double teaming Julio Jones and Malcolm Butler’s interception are two key game winning strategies in Super Bowls 49 and 51

   Obviously luck is involved with atlanta deciding to pass near the red zone in Super Bowl 51, the seahawks not deciding to let marshawn lynch run on the 1-yard line in Super Bowl 54, and the tuck-rule that helped Tom Brady reach his first Super Bowl, but the Patriots have lost a lot more than people think.

   They have lost 2 Super Bowls to the Giants and 1 to the Eagles. The Patriots have also been beaten by Peyton Manning led Broncos and Colts, and by the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC playoffs.

   The Patriots have been to the playoffs since 2009 almost 10 years, but this is mainly due to the fact that the AFC East is a pretty weak division. The Bills and Jets have been rebuilding for a while and the dolphins have not been relevant for a while. New England has led the division for 10 years. Brady has 30 wins and 10 losses in the playoffs and has over 11,000 passing yards.

   Love them or hate them, the Patriots have accomplished something remarkable. They have dominated the AFC and NFL for years and many wonder who can beat them.