Hurricane causes Mass Damage.

Hurricane Dorian causes really bad impact in the East Coast.


Esmeralda Ramirez, Journlist

   Hurricane Dorian landed on the Bahamas on September 2.It impacted the Eastern end of Grand Bahamas including Florida, North and South Carolina.It brought some really powerful wind and rainfall in the Bahamas.

This photo shows Dorian’s track when it was supposed to land.

   It stayed there for a record,about two days because it was picking up energy from the warm surface waters. That energy fed Dorian’s rapid size changed in just seconds from a category four to a category five.
The hurricane brought a lot of flooding with water rising as much six inches. The wind speed was also really deadly,as high as 298 km/h (185mph).

   This caused the power to go out in Nova Scotia, Canada.378,755 people had to deal with power outages.This brought a lot of struggles for the residents.”Right there,everything was gone in one time,”Thomas Smith said. Smith’s house was there one moment and the next it was gone.

There are still some people without a place to stay because their houses were destroyed  by the hurricane.”All of  sudden I hear boof! Doors bursted through,” Thomas said.”I had a comforter and four pillows on me and my girlfriend. Then as soon as we got there,the bathroom roof, whoop! The roof was gone.”

This photo shows a town in the Bahamas after Dorian.

They don’t have any food or water. The death toll was 50, and 60,000 are without food or water,hungry and homeless.The Governor, Ron Desantis of Florida, extended his emergency declaration to all 67 counties by gathering for what was going to come. Some residents did stay because they didn’t have any money or just because they just didn’t want to leave their home behind.

Florida spent 2.5 billion dollars to repair all the damage that Dorian caused in Florida.The gas prices have gone up.

This photo shows a local resident trying to get some water but is surprised that there is nothing.
In this photo the gas is gone and locals have to wait for a truck to come a fill up the gas .

In the Bahamas,the people are just recovering form Dorian and now the are repairing everything like small business or houses and more. Their main focus is to make sure that everything is okay and that people are safe and have a place to stay.

Dorian caused a lot of damage this will be one of the worst hurricanes to have hit the Bahamas.