10th grade Tips and Advice

Eugene Harris, Journalist

   Hey Eugene Harris here, and as you may know already. I am back with more tips and advice I’ve learned through my first year of high school. it wasn’t as bad as everyone made it seems.

 You are two years away from adulthood and being on your own but for now here is some tips and advice to help you breeze through sophomore year.

  1. Stay away from drama!

   Haters, bullies and judgmental people react to anything and everything. Just because you disagree or someone says something mean responding makes you as low as them. Also, you have more important things to worry about than drama. My first year, I got into drama once, and let me tell you, it is not worth your time and energy.

     2. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. 

   If you let people’s opinions get to you, it will affect you mentally and physically. It will make you think you are not good enough, but it is definitely normal to not be like everyone else. If you want to wear something, wear it. If you don’t want to try something, don’t try it. If you want to join a sport or club, join that sport or club. Plus, who cares what people think. This is your life, not theirs. YOLO (you only live once).

      3. Study for the ACT.

 The ACTS stands for American College Test. I am pretty sure that you heard this before but study for the ACT! It is a test that you have to take during your junior year (11th grade). It is one of the most important exams of your school life. Start studying your 10th grade year to be prepared. Just study and take the practice test if you can at collegeboard.org.  Here is actually more but I don’t wanna go on and on. Here are some other good habits for you upcoming 10th graders. 

   Get at least 8 hours of sleep or you will regret it.

   Don’t follow others, be yourself. 

   Be polite and smile to everyone; it helps you make friends.

   Don’t disrespect anyone, or don’t let anyone disrespect you.

   Kill negative vibes with kindness.

   Do any homework teachers give you. 80 percent of the time the test is based on the homework.

  Don’t ditch. Getting behind sucks.

  Do not make fun of freshmen. You were in that position before. 

  Eat breakfast. It helps you focus. 

  Say “thank you” and “please” because people will respect you more.

  Don’t worry about seniors. 

   Just be yourself.

   That’s pretty much all the tips I have for you. I hope you enjoyed these 10th grade tips and advice.