Lee Canyon

Map of Lee Canyon's various ski hills and lodges

Map of Lee Canyon's various ski hills and lodges

Angel Rodriguez, Journalist

    If you were told that there is an amazing skiing resort only a 50 minutes from Pahrump that offers tubing, sledding, and 3 ski hills with a trick park, and monthly special events along with snowboard and ski rentals (not to mention a huge lounge where you can observe the hills and have great food), would you believe it? Well believe it. It’s called Lee Canyon Ski Resort.

   Lee Canyon Road is located in Indian Springs and Lee Canyon itself is located atop Mount Charleston. Indian Springs is just 50 minutes from Pahrump and depending on the traffic, the drive up the mountain is 15 to 20 minutes, with bad traffic, 45 to 60 minutes.

   Prices for the Lee canyon Ski Resort are reasonable. Ski lift passes are $70.00 for a weekday and $70 for weekend but it’s $60 a day for ages 6 to 12 on weekends. For half day passes it is $50 ages 6 to 12 and $60 for ages 13 and up.Parking is $10 a day unless you have a season pass.

      Rentals at Lee Canyon consist of boots, helmets, skis, and snowboards. The rest as in clothing like goggles, gloves, beanies, pants, jackets, etc. are sold in the Lee Canyon Pro Shop. Daily ski rentals are anywhere from $115 to $121 and snowboards are $115 to $125 and both come with the necessary boots and helmets.

     The resort is definitely not cheap but there are ways to make it easier on yourself like for example a season pass. There are three kinds of season passes: the “Battle Born” the “All Access” and the “Weekday Warrior”. The weekday warrior pass is $329 for all ages. It is valid for every weekday of the season and comes with 2 family and friend day passes at $45 (same with the Battle Born pass). The Battle Born Season Pass  is valid for every day besides Christmas/New Year period, Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, and Presidents Day Weekend.Prices are $379 for ages 18 and up $229 for ages 6 to 12. For more season information checkout Lee Canyons website https://www.leecanyonlv.com/ 

     Lee Canyon has 3 great hills. Hill 1 is called bunny hill. It’s a pretty small hill where beginners start and where lessons are given there are usually a few little jumps and boxes but its plenty fun especially for a beginner.

    The second hill “Bluebird,“ is “ginormous” filled with huge rails to grind on and boxes to slide on. There are also enormous jumps that people hit and do some amazing tricks. If you sit on the side of the trail and watch.

    The trail is split into two sides, the trick/park side and the normal run side, which is used as a step up from bunny hill and is crazy fun to ride with friends.

             Lastly, is Sherwood Hill, and the trick to that trail is to not go on the trail at all. When you get up there, if you go to the left or the right of the chair lift. You can open yourself up to an amazing adventure and can experience. The true skiing/snowboarding experience the fresh powder flies in the air and creates a cloud of crystals as you carve your own path. The experience at Sherwood is magical and heavily recommended.

                   The Lee Canyon Ski Resort is a great experience for all ages and offers a vast amount of activities. Don’t be afraid to try it out because you might be like many who fall in love with the sport.