Senior Sunrise

PVHS Student Council decided that they could still hold the event “COVID Style”.


Skyler Dunn, Journalist

 Senior year. Your year. Your final year of high school. You’ve seen the films, you heard the stories, and your days in “Learning Purgatory” are finally numbered. You may expect to have a lot of parties in your senior year, but unfortunately, due to what has been going on this year with the pandemic, it may seem too far to reach for that high school dream to party.

But, PVHS Student Council decided that they could still hold the event “COVID Style”. On the 19th of September, the high school, including the student council, started an event called “Senior Sunrise” where graduates of 2021 could watch the sunrise all together. The Student Council pitched their idea to Mr. Odegard, to which he approved and was scheduled for this past weekend. Makayla Dela Rosa, the Student Body President, had a few words while being one of the people who helped organize the event. “We have a lot of ideas, but the problem is the CDC guidelines, we’ll have to figure out how to follow the CDC regulations, as well as having some fun.” Leading that up, she informs that there is a probability not going being any dances, such as Winter Formal or Homecoming this school year, however, there are plans brewing from the Student Council about something for at least Seniors and maybe even the entire student body this winter.

With a word from Mr. Campbell, the principal of Pahrump Valley High School, he plans on taking the school year with any upcoming events “One step at a time.”
While being at the Pathways parking lot, where the event was being handled, it started to slowly get more seniors to come and take on the view with everyone. At around 6:30, some of the volunteers at the sunrise started giving out doughnuts and cinnamon rolls to the Seniors. The sight of the sunrise reaching over the mountains was jaw-dropping, giving a bright glow on all of the car hoods, and it was a picture worth remembering. By the time people were coming to the parking lot, people were still following safety guidelines and safety regulations. Some stayed in the car, watching the sunrise come up, while others met up to hang out while wearing masks of course.

While I watched the sunrise and 

the students and staff enjoy this event, I thought about if there had been some more advertising so many more would have joined. I know I wasn’t totally notified until a day before I was told about it from my journalism teacher who told me I had to cover this event. I did find out some useful information to be able to stay the loop so that you don’t miss out on anything else and that is the 2020 Graduation Facebook Group. Yes, Facebook not Instagram (I think it’s managed by the older generation).

Be excited ladies and gents, as there could be hope yet to have this damp rag of a year slowly blossom in becoming a better year for seniors and everyone else at the high school. Let’s hope that through this messy year of ours, we can scrounge up some good for the remainder of the year.