Spooky Season Is Here

Mariah Propps , Journalist

It’s fall!!! People are bringing out the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, wishing they could go back to last year’s Halloween. Whether they miss the most wanted costumes such as Forenite, Spider-Man, or even Harley Quinn. Or, you might just miss the candy. I mean who doesn’t like Reese’s peanut butter cups, or Snickers, and we can’t forget M&M’s?
Last Halloween $1.9 billion was spent on candy in the United states alone and about $9 billion was spent on costumes, which about 7 million of them were thrown away. More than 172 million Americans celebrated Halloween last year.
Halloween was first found in Ireland where “trick or treating” was originally called “souling” where they would ask for a small bread called “soul cakes” in exchange for a prayer. Adults would go door to door dancing or singing in exchange for food and drinks. People believed that dressing up in costumes was going to hide you from the ghosts. The Celtic people and some European people believed that if they wore a mask after dark on Halloween then the ghosts would think they were one of them and not go into their house and haunt them. They would also place bowls filled with food to keep the ghosts happy and pleased with them. Carving pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns started as putting faces and designs on beets and turnips. The term jack-o-lantern comes from an old Irish legend where a man named “Stingy Jack” couldn’t go to heaven or hell and was forced to stay on Earth and walk the Earth forever with only coal eyes from hell and that’s what lit his lantern.
Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to America in the 1800s. The Haitian and African immigrants brought in the voodoo, fire, black cat, spiders, bats, rats, witches, and witchcraft shortly after. When candy corn was originally called “chicken feed” because people would argue that it tasted like chicken feed. When first created by Gorge Renninger, he sold it to the jelly bean Co. in the 1880s and it really got its name because it would be used to feed chickens. Halloween got the orange and black color because the orange color of the fall and all the color changed leaves and the black is from death because Halloween is “The day of the dead ” so the colors really fit. Halloween went with daylight saving time so kids could get an extra hour of collecting candy, so they pushed it to November 1st. This made people buy more candy so they could have enough for the extra hour.
A full moon on Halloween is very rare and rarely happens, but this year, 2020, there will be one and it is said to bring bad luck, so don’t get your hopes up too high this Halloween. Halloween also started off as a three day celebration that would go all the way to November 2nd and we called it “All Hallows Eve” but over time, it has been pushed into one night. The trick or treat saying comes from kids who didn’t get candy they would prank that person for not giving them candy so they would say trick or trick then it just stuck. Halloween was also a time to find your “lover” or soulmate and women would peel apples, stand in dark rooms, and even hang wet sheets up to see their soulmate. Halloween is a crazy spooky holiday that people all around the world love to enjoy while they eat candy and go door to door and people continue to enjoy Halloween for centuries to come.