The Recent Occurrences In The Sports Franchises

Maurice Murray, Journalist

What are some things that have been happening in the sport industry?
In recent activities an entire basketball team boycotted a game and did not attend it. This happened because a black male named Jacob Blake was recently shot in the back seven times and the players were not having it, which resulted in all the players to take this time and show the injustice for the black males/females. The basketball community is trying to show what they can do and what they will do if more and more black people are killed for no reason. The players in basketball realize this and it hurts them to know one of their fellow black men are being killed and they want to show that they do not want anymore innocent black people being killed.
Another sport seen having this type of activity is MLB. They cancelled a total 14 games because of what had happened with Jacob Blake. It seems as if more and more people are starting to see more black men/females being killed or even hurt. I’m sure none of athletes wanted this to happen either because it would hurt them if they had a black relative and they were to get harmed.
Another thing is in sports not a lot of people notice that the majority of people in certain sports are black. Also, many people who watch sports or are in a sport probably fully support their movement to show how they feel with this world and how everything is being portrayed. As seen in the recent activities in baseball and how many games have been cancelled, the league had their own statement and it said Major League Baseball remains united for change in our society and we will be allies in the fight to end racism and injustice.” As known back in the day, baseball used to face racism too so they understand fully on how and why people are doing such a thing.
Another major league team that was seen were the Milwaukee Bucks and they represented how to use their own platform for world justice and peace. Many athletes responded to the basketball team. For example, NFL athlete Tyrann Mathiue said “FED UP. Ain’t enough money in the world to keep overlooking true issues that affect the mind body & soul of what we do. We cannot be happy for self when our communities are suffering & innocent folk are dying. Since George Floyd, there have been at least 20 other police shootings’’. This just shows how powerful every sport industry is and how they can influence other people to show their thoughts on what is going on in the world.
More and more people are starting to see they can show and say how they feel without being scared of something happening to them because they see other people speaking out on what is happening and how it is not right. This shows that other people who don’t even have a huge platform can still show and say how they feel about the current situations of recent events.