Baja 1000; the Most Demanding Race Known to Machine and Man

David Dominguez-Leyva

The Baja 1000 is a race that happens every year and it is 1000 miles through the Mexican dessert. The race is broken up to a few categories to make sure everyone has an even chance at the race. Here the driver is racing for the best time in order to win.  


The Baja 1000 is the ultimate test for man and machine. Known as one of the most difficult races to complete. The race is spread across 1000 miles of hard rocky, dusty, and challenging terrain. The course is so unforgiving that one minute you could be doing over 100 mph over the lake beds and the next you are in 3 feet whoops trying to stay on the course. The course is never the same and every time a car passes through, it changes up the track. Even if it rained a bit it would drastically change the section of the track.


So, this race is set up differently than your ordinary race. Here there are different classes for different cars and motorcycles. For example, they start off the dirtbikes and quads a few hours before so then they can hopefully not come across each other and hurt someone. And when they start they start one by one a couple seconds behind each other or have them race one another. So this is more of not who’s in the front more of who has the fastest time in the race. And the race starts before the sun comes up for some and races all day, all night, and finishes mid day the next day non stop


The Baja isn’t so much about speed but how good you can take care of your vehicle. Most people are thrilled that they get to race, but those who actually complete it and run for best times are fighting everything to make it in one piece and get a good time. It’s mently and physically hard to participate. You need to be in good shape and so does your vehicle. And the vehicles have to go through a very picky inspection to insure the driver is as safe as possible. Having a crash at high speeds, some of those vehicles can be deadly but with the correct protection they can come out with a few minor injuries but better than dead. 


But, the real joy is being able to say you have competed in the baja 1000. The experience is a once in a lifetime event and all the cool things you will see all the new people you will meet. Being able to be surrounded by people with the same interest is what makes this an awesome race. It’s so ironic that this race is probably one of the hardest races, but it brings so many people together and makes people want to come back and try and do better each time.