Coronavirus Cases are Rising

Daina Hernandez

On December 31,2019  a virus called Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China and spreaded globally. It spread to different countries and continents and eventually made it to the U.S. Till then the COVID-19 cases (known as the Coronavirus) have been rising more and more. 


According to, “Here Are The States Where COVID-19 is increasing-Healthline,” it says “The New York Times reports daily average of new COVID-19 cases this past week has hit 166,272 -a 73 percent increase from average of 2 weeks ago.” Also stating “That includes a daily record of 187,482 cases reported on Thursday. That was one day after 172,391 new cases were recorded on Wednesday.” So for 2 weeks cases have been rising and more and more people are getting infected. Even though some people might  have the virus they might not show symptoms. According to the Healthline it also announced “One estimate this week suggested that 3 million people are currently carrying the novel coronavirus. Many of them don’t have the symptoms.” 


Following that “Overall, the United States has now confirmed more than 11.7 million COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began.” This shows that there are probably more people in the United States who don’t show the symptoms and just don’t know that they are spreading those symptoms to people around them. This will cause more people to be infected and might not even know. People who are having symptoms right now might not think that they have the coronavirus even if they are sick. It even stated that “One report noted that 70 percent of intensive care unit (ICU) beds are now in use across the country.” and that “On Friday, Texas was listed as having 7,982 people hospitalized with COVID-19, about 500 more than reported on Tuesday but still well below the high of 10,893 reported in late July….”


In hospitals, they now have intensive care unit beds that are for patients who require or likely require advanced respiratory support, patients requiring support of two or more organ systems, and patients with chronic impairment of one or more organ systems who also require support for an acute reversible failure of another organ.These beds are used for patients with Medical-surgical intensive care, Cardiac intensive care, Neonatal intensive care, Pediatric intensive care, and Burn care. Which deals with patients for monitoring, and multiple modalities of physiologic organ support to sustain life during a period of life-threatening organ system insufficiency. Out of 50 states, 35 states deaths have risen for the past 2 weeks.


In relation to “Reuters report COVID-related deaths averaged 1,100 per day this past week, a 12 percent increase from the week before…The Times also lists 35 states where deaths have risen in the past 2 weeks.” Patients are dying everyday- all day maybe some people are recovering but mostly more people are dying. In addition “In terms of percentage, New Mexico showed the largest increase among states for newly confirmed COVID-19 cases this past week. The state recorded 17,695 new positive tests over the previous week, a hike of 90 percent, according to Reuters.” New mexico cases have increased and are the highest percentage than any other state in the U.S. Maybe the other 34 states might reach 90 percent or higher, and maybe even the lowest percentage states might increase as well. There might be a chance that within the next couple of weeks there will be more cases and more deaths.