Obesity in America

Mariah Propps

Since the 1990s obesity has risen by 30 percent and has been continuously growing to over 36.5 percent and 32.5 percent being overweight. Over half of Americans are overweight or obese. It’ll reach at least 44 percent but by 2030, they say it could exceed by 60 percent.


Fast food is cheaper than healthy food. If you go to a fast food place you can spend around 20 to 50 dollars depending on the place and the food. A lot of places you can get a meal for 5 dollars so with a family of 5 you spend 25 dollars. But, if you go actual shopping it’ll cost you a lot more. Fast food places make them cheap so more people will buy. The drive thru was invented because “People in their cars are so lazy that they don’t want to get out of them to eat!” It also made it more convenient for the person getting food they didn’t have to get out of their car they could just turn in and get what they wanted. If you go to a store and the apples are 1 dollar a pound but you could go to McDonalds and eat a burger or even a meal for the price of those apples, people are going to choose the McDonalds meal over those 3 apples. A lot of families aren’t making enough to be able to make the home cooked healthier meals. They work a full time job and maybe over time to feed their family so they don’t have the option to go get the healthier food. 


Even if people work out, it still doesn’t mean they’ll be healthy. If people are eating all of the unhealthy foods that aren’t real foods. They think I can work out and lose it. The food the fast food places serve is greasy and fatty and pumped with things that make it so good to you but bad to your body. It makes you gain lots of extra weight and then it weighs you down so you aren’t as fast or aren’t as motivated. Your body isn’t going to run off of the energy that the fast food gives you. You will get maybe a workout or two in and then your body will be tired because it doesn’t have the proper fuel. You need healthy foods and healthy drinks, to be able to work out. Your body will shut down if you have too much junk food in your body. Bodies can”t run off of that stuff everyday. 


Schools aren’t teaching kids to be healthy, and it leads to unhealthy adults. Schools aren’t teaching kids how to eat right. We should be teaching that they should be everything on the MyPyramid chart. While we do give kids the dairy with every meal and even if kids aren’t eating right at home they still won’t have all the nutritional value because those unhealthy meals cancel out the taco salad. School lunches don’t really have a lot of nutrition. Yes, lunch is free but they should still try and make it healthier. We also have a salad bar but no one really takes advantage of that, they should have the protein being chosen and then they ask the kids what they want on their salad or what kind of fruit they want. Now like I said if a child is eating unhealthy at home, and at school. Their health risks go up. Obistey, overweight, diabetes, heart attacks, lots of heart problems, bad liver and kidneys will rott. You will also like a shortened life, your body will start to shut down. You will be lazy and you won’t want to get up and do anything because your body isn’t as strong and healthy as the way it used to be. That’s why the way you treat your body is important, and why obesity rates are going up.