Anime is Now a Trend

Yesenia Esmeralda Ramirez

Do you like anime well if so may it be because of a trend or because you actually have been watching it your whole life? That’s a question a lot of anime people are asking.


Anime, for the longest, has been viewed as weird or for children. Now this is a trend on a popular app called TikTok. A lot of people started to watch anime because this app said to. There were a lot of people from the anime community upset they said, ”They used to bully us for liking anime and now they watch it”. Some of them really didn’t care; they honestly were not bothered by it. 


This trend has now grown and now stores such as Wal-Mart are having some anime merch. More people are starting to buy anime things and they are trying to ,“Show off what they got”. They get a lot of views and likes the more views or likes you get the more followers you get which could eventually get you famous. 


If you were to get famous you would get money for how many views you get. This is how much they would get: $450 per half a million views on sponsored videos, then TikTokers make around $0.90 per 1000 views. So, let’s say someone were to dress as an anime character or cosplay them and they get a lot of views and a lot of likes they would be getting a lot of money right. So, most of these people who are acting like they like anime just to get money or just to get fame off of this app. If you were to get famous off of this app you can get famous on other apps like Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. Then you will get recognized by celebrities and they might want to team up with you or something like that.


The reason why people are upset is because the people that have been watching anime before it was a trend they were bullied and some of them were bullied so much that they took their own lives. And when they see that out of nowhere people are starting to watch this not just because they want to but just because of a trend. I personally believe that people should not always look for other people’s preferences  and to only worry about what people think about you. And to also not to only think that looks can take you so far like this apps might be deleted and then what are going to do. Don’t depend on an app to help you with money like get a job and work hard for the money you need. For the anime community I feel bad because they were getting made fun of for something they watched. They are just enjoying something and here comes Tik Tok to ruin it. Look I believe that people should be letting other people do what they want to do. To let people just be and to be nice and kind. To spread kindness and to spread joy and not negativity. I just hope that young teenageres don’t think that just by getting fame that all your problems are solved but there are not. Like don’t just depend on any app to get your life together. This article has no hate towards anybody. I am just writing an article about how people are watching anime because it’s a trending topic.