Oculus Quest Pros and Cons

The people that might want to get an Oculus quest the article is about The Oculus quest pros and cons it begins when it was released to now 2019-2021. The events are happening because Oculus made the first wireless VR headset.


Michael Salvadge-Burke, Journalist

The Oculus quest has pros and cons to it which is what we will be going over. The Oculus quest was released May 21, 2019 it was the first wireless VR headset released by oculus. With it being wireless, it has a battery that lasts to 3-5 hours, but it does come with a charger that comes with it, but causes it to charge slowly. It needs a well lit room for the tracking to work but the headset cannot be in direct sunlight or it will get permanent damage on the lenses or hardware. The headset does not have that many games because you cannot use the steam store, you can only use the Oculus store if you have a computer you can use oculus link to use some games on the steam store and then use Sidequest to download games onto your headset. 

The Oculus quest has cameras on the outside of the headset and with that you make a guardian which shows your play area so then you don’t run into stuff while you play. If you leave the guardian’s area it’ll only show the cameras so then you could get back into the play area so that makes it safe to use. The Oculus quest comes with the oculus one touch controllers that are accurate and are easy to use, but the one touch controllers use AA batteries and are not rechargeable. The Oculus quest is able to show the screen to a phone or a tv if it has a casting feature on the tv or if you plug in a Chromecast device into the tv.

The cons are if someone owns an Oculus quest for a long time it can get boring with so few games to play on it and how glitchy it can get if you own it for a long time. There are times if you have had your headset for a long time it can cause the tracking to glitch and turn off, making you have to go into settings and turn it back on yourself. The Oculus quest is all built onto the headset so it’s a bit front heavy and can be disorienting and make you off balance if you’re a first time user on the headset.

Anshel Sag made a review saying “The Oculus quest features a 1440 x 1600 display in each eye which is quite good but not as good as some pc tethered headsets”. It is a good beginner VR headset because it doesn’t require an expensive pc to run it or it’s games. The headset for charging uses a USB type C which is the same as iPhone when it comes to charging. It also comes with a charger brick that takes USB type C and the cord is double USB type C so it could work with the headset and charging brick. Also another person named “Becca Caddy” said in a review “you can walk around anywhere without a wire holding you back and your movements are translated into VR. The Quest opens up possibilities for walking around, bending, crouching, and generally not being wary of tripping over wires whatever you do within a virtual environment.”