PVHS Art Club

Mrs.Dabrowski and her Art club members show PVHS has an art club. This article is about where it is and tells people about it. The Art club was online before but with it returning in person it will be at room 127.As the school schedule returns to normal the art club is going to be in person.


Jon Rios and Michael Salvadge-Burke

With one of the weirdest school years almost behind us, things are finally returning to how they used to be. Sports are starting back up, students are attending school 4 days a week, and clubs are meeting once again.

PVHS’ Art Club is one of these clubs that have started resuming meetings. As it currently stands, the Art Club meets every other week from 12:45 – 1:40 on mondays. The club supports both virtual and in person attendance.

Art Club only had one member in attendance at their meeting on Monday March 22nd, so to say that they need more members is an understatement. To join the club there are almost no requirements. You can attend regardless of whether or not you have an art class in your school day and all supplies will be provided by the club’s advisor Mrs. Dabrowski.

Many people ask themselves “why should I join an art club?” Art club can be a great way for students to learn how to approach art mentally. Mrs. Dabrowski stated that the most important topic that she teaches in the art club is how to be creative and how students can express themselves through their art.

Another reason for students to join the art club is that they can improve their skill. PVHS art club member Houklani Keanaaina-Hutchinson said, “I have improved a lot, especially from competing in a lot of the art competitions.”

Practice does make perfect as Keanaaina-Hutchinson and Dabrowski both draw and practice art on a regular basis and are always continuing to improve.

The next art club meeting is scheduled for March 29th from 12:45 to 1:40. Show up with a creative mindset and a focus on improving. Contact Mrs. Dabrowski by email at [email protected].