Around PVHS: Upperclassmen Electives!

Upper Class men electives definitely give more options for the 10th-12th graders, guiding students with their future, seeing the world differently, and helping them graduate PVHS high school!


Shania Hopkins, Journalist

Upperclassmen have first pick when it comes to certain electives or classes they want to take. This is due to certain requirements or needs to take that class, that most freshmen will not exceed. Anthropology, Economics, and Dual Enrollment are great examples of classes that only are available to 10th-12th graders. If you are interested in learning how to take these classes, and how to improve your GPA, keep on reading!


Mr. Butt

Anthropology is taught by Mr. Butt and is one of the classes that can be taken by sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Anthropology is not required, but it does change the student’s perspective of the world, as stated by Mr. Butt, “.. it gives people an idea of why other cultures act the way they do.” This class is for people who want to learn about the world from a psychological standpoint. Sophomore Jessica Garcia when asked about the class she said, “I’ve learned a lot about understanding cultures from a deeper perspective and why we shouldn’t judge cultures just because they might have traditions or customs that are abnormal to my own… have an open mind when taking his class.” Mr. Butt has a degree in anthropology, and he also teaches psychology and sociology. Many students have agreed that Mr. Butt is a very understanding teacher, “you won’t find yourself drawing in work in his class” (Garcia). You will earn an honors credit if you finish the class with a passing grade, and a more prominent look on the world we live in.


Mr. Jackson

Economics? Who teaches that class again? Well, it is none other than Mr. Jackson! Economics can be taken by juniors and seniors, and they must have taken Algebra I and be enrolled in Algebra II at the very least. Economics is a required class that students have to take to graduate high school, and when you finish the class you will be given half a credit, as this class only goes for one semester. When taking economics be prepared to think “creatively, critically and out of the box ways to solve problems”(Jackson). Mr. Jackson suggests taking this class your senior year since most seniors will have passed Algebra II, “… the math isn’t super complicated, but the better math background you have the easier it will be”(Jackson). Economics will teach you the basics of production, distribution, consumption as well as goods and service. A great class that will help you for your future.

Dual Enrollment

Mrs. Hagstrom

Dual enrollment is a program that PVHS has in partnership with GBC (Great Basin College). This program allows students that are still in high school to take college classes as well as earn college and high school credits at the same time. Mrs. Hagstrom advises both juniors and seniors to look into this program. “It’s a great way for kids to be introduced into college!” GBS offers a vast selection of classes that help students for their futures jobs, careers, or interests. English 101 is one of the first classes that GBC will suggest or take for your first college credit. The selection of classes can be found on the PVHS website, and if you would like to learn more about Dual Enrollment, contact Mrs. Hagstrom via email [email protected]  or go to her office at room 144. 

If you are interested in wanting to take any of these classes or learning more about them, talk to the counselors, Mrs. Hagstrom, Mr. Butt, or Mr. Jackson!

Or, you could do something completely different with WORK EXPERIENCE!

Did you know if you work a certain amount of hours at a job, like McDonalds, you can earn school credits? If your job gives you a paycheck, or you have evidence for working, you can talk to the school, or Mrs. Luck in the counselor’s office about collecting your hours and turning them into credits.