Around PVHS: How Fun is Culinary Arts?

Why shouldn’t you tell an egg a joke? Because it might crack up! Speaking of cracking, that’s what the Culinary class is doing! Cracking down on those recipes. They work very hard to make good recipes and they deserve some spotlight!


Melanie Swingle, Journalist

At the beginning of this year, the Culinary students learned how to use knives. The teacher, Ms. Nicholas, AKA Chef, makes sure they all know how to stay safe in class. Safety is important for this class considering they use a lot of dangerous materials, like stoves, ovens, heat, knives, cheese graters, etc. Very rarely will injuries happen in the actual class. Most of the time the students get hurt outside of class and the teacher will provide bandages/band-aids to make sure the wounds don’t get worse. 

COVID affected this class a lot, making it hard for the students to keep up with the cooking part of the class. One day is to prepare, the next is to cook. Since most of the students are hybrid, the process is very difficult. Another issue is that they need to use their masks, which can affect the way they smell. Of course, even before COVID, the work area had to be kept very clean. Health Inspectors can come in any day and see how clean it is. Sweeping, dishes, clean counters, everything has to be clean in order for the class to keep going. The point of this class is to make sure students have a future by teaching them how to cook can open up jobs in the future. Chef has been teaching this class for 9 years, keeping her students safe and well trained. When in class, the students make and prepare the food while the chef takes it out of the oven, stove, or fridge. 

Chef, this food tastes kind of funny. Then why aren’t you laughing? Just kidding! Bad food isn’t a joke, don’t ever cook with old, moldy, or stale food! It could hurt you. Do you know what else can hurt you? Messing up your recipe! But in culinary, the chef makes sure to thoroughly teach her students to make sure that doesn’t happen. Very few times do the students mess up the recipe, and even then, “It just needs some extra salt.” Ivan Machado Jr. states. And of course, the students do get to eat what they make. Why wouldn’t they? They worked so hard to make the food, they should be able to enjoy it! They need to keep the room clean, make sure not to leave trash or crumbs on the floor or desks. 

Culinary class does not get enough spotlight. Sure there are sports and math, English, hobbies, but who cares? Culinary is important for the matter of you need to learn how to eat and cook! Well, that about wraps it up. Remember, culinary is very important.