Due Dates and Extended Time; Are They Important?

Due dates are a struggle with everyone. It’s a hassle trying to turn things in on time, if requested people are given extended time, occasionally with good reason. People have abused this power over and over again. Is it really worth it?

Due Dates and Extended Time; Are They Important?

Trinity Mell, News Editor

For as long as anyone can remember, we have had due dates. While yes, they keep things in order, they can be strenuous on students’ mental health. Teachers and students both complain about the allotted time given for each assignment. Teachers often complained about how students don’t turn in their work on time and how it creates more work for them. While students argued about how they weren’t given enough time and turned in the assignment whenever they felt like it. As time goes on, teachers have gotten more lenient on the set time an assignment must be turned in and even offer extended time for some students. This creates a more calm, relaxed vibe between a student and a teacher. While teachers care a lot about a student’s academics and how well they are doing in school, since it’s their job, they also care about their student’s well-being, physically and mentally. Mental health isn’t a new shiny toy in a child’s toy box, it has been an issue since time immemorial. It is, however, getting more media and insight. Grades, family, sports, assignments, etc, can all either weigh down or bring up any student’s mental health. The mixture between due dates and home life is very overwhelming and stressful to most students. This is why extended time is important. 

Mr. Atom Hoffman
Hunter Bekkela

Due dates were set in place to keep things in order but life can always have a different plan. There is a sizable list of reasons why students need extended time if not excused from an assignment altogether. Most teachers understand that like Mr. Hoffman who stated, “Normally if something is going on at home, I’ll excuse some assignments and reduce workload without putting strain on their education.” He gave a very reasonable answer on how to handle life’s unpredictable obstacles that can make it a challenge for students to get things done at a specific time. When asked about an opinion on due dates, Mrs. Fleetwood-Watt answered, “They’re important because it holds students accountable and they learn time management. You’re going to have due dates all your life and you’re going to have to learn what to do at the appropriate times.” All together they both agree that due dates hold great importance to students and teachers, if presented with a good reason they wouldn’t hesitate to make their students comfortable and give them extended time. Speaking of students being more comfortable, when asked if they were ever granted extended time and how it made them feel, Tiyana Bolton replied, “I think it’s really nice because my other homework consumes my time or my home life and I just really appreciate it.” The workload she had was lifted a little bit and it really helped her out which helped her with the rest of her classes. Though this isn’t always the case. Hunter Bekkela was asked how he felt about due dates in general and he stated, “They make me rush to do things and when I rush I put other things off. I think they are effective but they are super stressful.” He hasn’t had the best experience with due dates but generally gets his assignments turned in on time. 


Due dates have always been contentious, so has extended time. Though they are important for keeping things in order, they also cause a lot of stress on students and teachers. It is always good to have an even mix between a set date and a flexible one. This creates a more calming but efficient work environment for both parties. Giving students a break sometimes or pushing back the time of an assignment can be beneficial and helpful to them finishing work in the future, however strict due dates are helpful to teachers, and teach students time management, necessitating an amicable resolution to this conflict.