All The Love

Whether you are dreading it or beaming with excitement, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But did you know about the day after? With all of the violence and hatred in the world, everyone needs a bit more love. Especially towards themselves.

Emilia Daffer, Managing Editor

This Valentine’s Day,


It’s you or me,


Always others 

Before me,

But what about 

The other story?


Self-hate? Whatever.


Get over yourself.

All those times

I only want 

to change myself.

But for you?


This Valentine’s Day

It’s none of you.

Stop to think,

Me or them?

I choose me.


This Valentine’s Day

I’m tired of smiling 

For them,

For their change.

Done with their


It only added up 

To me in pain.


This Valentine’s Day,

Smile for yourself.


For your better.

Accept the difference

Between you and them.

This Valentine’s Day,

Love you.


Lovely poem by Gracie Daffer


It might not be common knowledge, but the day after Valentine’s Day is known as Singles Awareness Day (SAD). This is a day that emphasizes the need for those who yearn for a companion to first love themselves. For all the single Kings, Queens, and Monarchs out there it is a day that they give to themselves, often including self-care activities such as a spa day or taking yourself on a date. 


While some might think that this is a good thing, to recognize the necessity of self-care, others believe that it is redundant in light of Valentine’s Day.  For example, an INSIDER article titled “Why Singles Awareness Day Shouldn’t Exist” interviewed relationship expert, April Masini who discusses the idea that “‘…a celebration for singles who are not celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, on Valentine’s Day,’” would make more sense.  Masini continues, “‘I’d rather see Valentine’s Day be about all kinds of love — including a love of being single — instead of having a retaliation holiday on a completely separate date.’”

The main point of SAD is to give single-pringles a holiday, even though Valentine’s Day is not specifically for couples. Valentine’s Day is a day we should celebrate, like Masini said, “all kinds of love.” Like the love of being a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a friend. Valentine’s day is a day to show love, whether you are taken or not. Personally, I feel that as a holiday it should be welcomed every other day as well. Love is an emotion that this world needs a lot more of. What this world does not need is a day dedicated to self-pity. 

That is not to say that SAD isn’t a good holiday, however. The idea is wonderful, being kind to yourself rather than wishing for someone else. People should learn to be happy to just be. But like INSIDER, I think a better name for the day might be “Love Yourself Day” or “Self-Love Day.” First a day dedicated to showing others love, and the next day dedicated to showing love to yourself.  

Here’s to more love in the world. It’s a long shot, but a little can go a long way. If you would like to read the INSIDER article for yourself, click here.