New beginnings to a healthier lifestyle: food edition

Follow me on my new journey to eating and living a healthier lifestyle for my own good.

Life gives us choices, it’s up to us to make those choices on who we are to become and what type of person we want to be. For anyone food and diets can make a person’s life much different even if it means the way they carry themselves. Just recently I have dived in head first on how different ingredients and preservatives impact our bodies and what really is going on above and underneath the surface of our bodies. This discovery inspired me to get my own tests done to see how my body was reacting to these different foods and alternatives. 

Looking at my blood panel I found out I am very sensitive to many things such as gluten, soy, peanuts, and corn. Finding this out inspired me to go a different route on how I approach eating and what are better options for me. Instead of just giving in and eating that bag of chips and can of soda, I look for something easy to prepare, filling but still a better alternative in the end.

Also, I had to look for a program to keep me in check and help me find more options for different meals and snacks. has been my savior when it comes to this new diet. This website is a subscription but it’s not just food, it’s vegan and cruelty-free products such as makeup, vitamins, soaps, and more. This website also has up to 70 + diets and programs that work with what you are sensitive to, this website also has fast free carbon neutral shipping to ensure your foods get here on time and intact while trying to help our planet. 

These new eating habits, working out, and balancing my life at the same time has actually given me more energy than before. When you remove gluten from your system it removes a lot of inflammation from your body; for example, if you were to hit your elbow on something, it wouldn’t be as severe because gluten adds inflammation to your joints causing this pain.

At the beginning of this trial I felt very weak and tired all day, I had no motivation to do the things I love or really anything at all. After 6 days in, I noticed I started to get up early, and my focus was a lot better as well. I am no longer sleep-deprived or feel like I’m starving all the time. On the downside, it has been weird having to cook almost everything because it’s hard to go out to eat. Also learned how to keep on the weight and balance how much I eat a day making sure I get enough protein.  With all the different alternatives in this day and age, it makes things a lot easier to still eat what I want to eat but stick to the diet at the same time.

Most of the foods I have been sticking to are a lot of meat such as chicken, fish, and steak, as well as a lot of vegetables and fruits. On the snack side of things, I have been sticking to a lot of rice and almond butter, and oat products. Mainly snacks that have healthier alternatives and less sugar. Not only is it important to eat healthily but to work out as well. I have stayed on a fitness routine every day even if that means just stretching and doing something light to work out my muscles at the same time. If anything, this new eating lifestyle has taught me to stay strong to myself and to learn about a whole other world of food out there and why it is important to make these changes for my health.