Around PVHS: Strings Club

String Club, organized and run by Mr. Butt on Thursdays in room 210.


Mr. Zachary Butt

Liv Cotroneo, Journalist

Mr. Zachary Butt, the widely known and dearly beloved psychology and anthropology teacher at Pahrump Valley High School is the founder of a handful of after-school clubs here. Anime Club, Purple Club, and Strings Club to name a few. 

Around 27 years ago, give or take, inspired by sounds like Nirvana and Metallica, young Zachary Butt borrowed his neighbor’s guitar and decided to teach himself how to play. Over the years, Mr. Butt has continued to learn and perfect playing a variety of different instruments such as piano, bass, drums, cello, ukulele, and banjo, essentially stating he has learned and even mastered how to play “basically anything with strings”. Initially, Mr. Butt founded the Strings Club with the idea or vision of a few students who already knew how to play coming together to play alongside each other. However, as time went on and as sports started to begin, students’ schedules starting to fill up, it slowly and gradually started to transform into a club where you could enter with the intention of learning how to play these instruments; rather than already having to understand the basics of the skill. Starting to point more focus towards the teaching aspect of the club. 

Although teaching has become a large part of the club it’s actually his least favorite part of running the Strings Club, looking forward to getting to actually play with the students rather than having to teach the basics. Even though teaching may be Mr. Butt’s least favorite part of Strings Club, it brings him no better joy than when the kids get to showcase what they know as opposed to learning theory. 

Another, less known reason for Mr. Butt continuing to run all these clubs is so students have a guaranteed safe space to hang out after school if they wish to. Strings Club and other clubs run by Mr. Butt will continue next year, “and every year that students still have interest in learning how to play instruments, or having a safe space to play.” 

If you want more information on this club, please reach out to Mr. Zachry Butt.