A Stressful Year

By reading my article you will be able to understand what every if not almost all juniors feel in high school and the struggles they go through.

A Stressful Year

Whether you believe it or not many students can agree that junior year is one of the most stressful years compared to the other grade levels. Not only because of the insane amount of work you get almost every day but also because of deadlines. Many juniors and seniors can confirm that this year is extremely stressful and not one that should be taken lightly if you want to maintain good grades. one of the hardest grades to pass and maintain good grades.

Students that have after-school activities or jobs also can confirm that it is a bit overwhelming. Some even say that they sometimes feel pressured to get their work done because they feel as if they do not have enough time to complete everything. some of these students even stay up late during school nights just to be able to complete their work, often doing it on the day off so they do not get behind. the day it is due or a day before so they do not get behind.

Freshmen and sophomores don’t really understand what junior year is truly like. Based on personal experience, I felt somewhat scared when my older sister would tell me how she didn’t like her junior year since it was a lot for her for many reasons. Some of the juniors that I interviewed confirmed that they either are rushing to do their work in different classes or that they are up late at night to complete it because they have work after school or they are constantly busy with their personal lives.


Another thing that is stressful during junior year is the deadlines that the teachers have with assignments. Some teachers for certain subjects have deadlines either the following day or two days and some even have their deadlines by the end of the class period. Students say that it sometimes feels unfair with the deadlines they are given by their teachers, some went into detail about how it affects their personal lives outside of school and how they sometimes need a little bit more time to complete everything they are assigned.

Some of the students I interviewed feel pressure to pass their junior year since they do not want to disappoint others around them in their lives and to also feel proud of themselves that they were able to accomplish another year and some of them overall just want to pass into their senior year. All the students I interviewed could agree that they do feel stressed out already even though school has barely started another year.

One student, who would like to remain anonymous said “Sometimes my teacher doesn’t help me out whenever I have a question and it leaves me wondering what I do to pass my assignments”. Teachers are somewhat also part of the pressure we feel because there are teachers that do offer students help but later on they do not give the help they said they would offer and it leaves students feeling stressed since they do not know what to do for the assignment.

PVHS could even offer extra help to the students in need, they could possibly be transferred into a Study Hall where they will be able to get the help they need if they can not complete the work that is given to them, and possibly the teachers could also be a bit more understanding and fair with the deadlines and as well as the work they give to students because regardless the students have feelings as well and they also feel pressure every day.