Mental Health

Every day someone is going through something, whether you see it or not. Read my article and find out what they are going through or what is possibly causing their sadness.

Mental Health

The official definition of Mental Health is “A person’s condition concerning their physiological and emotional well-being”. Every day we feel something, we feel things that we didn’t even know existed in our bodies. Our feelings make up who we are and how we act in certain places or around certain people in our lives, but there are times when we have feelings that we do not know where they come from or why we are feeling that way.

Mental health problems are well known nowadays all around the world, there are all different types of mental health issues but the most common ones are Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PSTD is mainly seen in the older generations due to having to fight in a war or being around during the war and for other reasons, they tend to get PTSD. Depression and anxiety are now more commonly seen in the younger generations, there are many reasons why they have these feelings.

Everyone who has experienced both depression and anxiety has it for different reasons, some may have the same reason, but overall it is from personal things or other reasons. A parent separation, a history of family illness, and it could even be from losing an important person from their life. Studies have shown that childhood abuse can also affect both the mental and physical growth of a person and experiences like this can cause a person to either be vulnerable or have said PTSD.

All around the world, there are still illnesses that have yet to be discovered and studied properly. Some of the common symptoms of these illnesses are changes in both sleeping and eating, excessive paranoia or anxiety, extreme mood changes, having zero motivation for the things you love, etc. The list goes on and on for the different types of symptoms one feels, studies say that mental health issues usually start between the age of 14 to 24, and it also says that symptoms sometimes take a while to show in a person.

Stress can also cause mental health issues in everyone; stress can be caused by anything, but it usually comes from either a situation or possibly a work area or school. Stress can also be a form of anxiety, social anxiety happens when one thinks about either a stressful situation or it could be caused by having to talk in a room full of others, or even speaking, in general, can cause one to become either stress or anxious sometimes the person can experience both at the same time.

There are ways to calm down one with these illnesses but, if it works for one person it doesn’t usually mean that it can work for everyone. Knowing what works best in calming you down is better for both your sake and for others around you, teenagers who have experienced mental health illnesses say “By having others surround me and panicking because they don’t know how to help me just makes me panic and stress out even more because I don’t want the feeling, I want it to go away instantly”. Sometimes, allowing the one with the illness to calm themselves down is simply better; especially if they know how or what to use to calm themselves down.

Hopefully now by reading my article, you have possibly learned what and when causes mental health issues and how you can help those in need who struggle with the illnesses.