School Rules: Change or Not?

School rules are meant to make school easier for teachers and students. Some school rules are perfect and can be left alone, but others might need to be changed.

School Rules: Change or Not?

School is filled with many rules both to keep the school safe and to keep order at the schools. There are basic rules like no running, dress code, phones out during class, and even some restrictions on the restroom. Yes, some of these rules students are content with but others can make students angry and just plain dumbfounded because of how hair-pulling a rule can be.

One rule that is frustrating is the 10:10 restroom rule. Students may not go to the restroom within 10 min before and after class. That rule doesn’t really do anything to keep students out of the hallway, it just makes people miss classroom lectures. If a student gets refused for the first 10 minutes of class, that would be about the time a teacher is in a lecture and would disrupt the teacher if asked to use the restroom. It would also make the student miss 8 min of the lecture over using the bathroom all because of the 10:10 rule.

There’s also another rule for drivers in school where you can’t park in front of the school. If a student’s car is parked in the parking lot in front of the school, the staff can report it. When a staff member reports a parked vehicle, it can end up getting a driver a parking ticket. The students have to park three minutes away in another parking lot and walk all the way to the front door of the school to get to class.

Another rule that should be changed is the bathroom sign-out website. The website uses either a URL or you scan a barcode on the wall or the door. It’s a good way to see who went in the bathroom and also what time they left the bathroom. But something about the website is why would you need to sign out if there are cameras surrounding the bathroom doors? Another thing is the bathroom passes. The bathroom pass is usually something that keeps students out of trouble while they walk through the hall. Students take the bathroom pass as they leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, meaning that the bathroom pass has taken multiple trips to the bathroom with no way of knowing if it’s been cleaned or not. The bathroom pass shouldn’t have to be an object that goes to the bathroom with students, the bathroom pass is not sanitary enough to be touched by multiple students a day. Especially when you don’t know if it’s been cleaned or not.

The fighting rule should also be changed a little bit as well. The no fighting rule, if broken, is punishable by up to a three-day suspension for anyone involved in the fight even if one of the students didn’t start the fight or instigate it. The rule should have the one who started the fight get the 3-day suspension and not the person who was simply defending themselves.

Some school rules should stay the same to keep the stability of the school but some of them can be tweaked to be a little better for everyone. School rules are meant to make school easier for teachers and students and make a better school environment.