Sports Teams Need More Game Days

School sports teams need more game days for the hard work they put into practice days.

Sports Teams Need More Game Days

Most schools hold sports teams for the students who are athletic and love playing sports, but they don’t have enough game days for them. Students practice and practice every day for months but have seven to nine games for the season. They need more game days to go along with their practice days. Practice does help with getting better, but so do games. Games show what habitual mistakes players and teams have and what needs to be worked on during the days you do have practice. The feeling of losing a game is horrible, especially for those who only care about sports and nothing but sports. But the feeling of winning more games than losing is an awesome feeling. The more games you’re in the more you know what you need to work on, then putting all that effort into more games makes you better and better.

One of the main reasons schools don’t give the sports teams more games is because of academic problems. This causes the school to not have a lot of games. If the athletes got good grades, they could prove themselves to the school. This would show that they are capable of staying on top of their grades and being on a team that plays in many games, all at the same time. Even if they’re not competitive games, they could just be scrimmages. There are teams that have kids who sit on the bench and barely get any time to be on the field. If they have these little scrimmages It will show the coaches what they are capable of. Proving to the coaches what you can do is one of the most important things in sports. It shows that you’re dedicated and that you want to be there.

There would still be practice and those who are skilled and play quite often will still play some games but the roles will be reversed and the benchwarmers may get more time unless they need to be subbed out for any reason. It will give them that satisfaction of “hey I still got some games in and had fun, unlike the time I sat on the bench the entire game.” Some sports have the benchwarmers give out water and have no connection to the field, but this time it will give them the joy of going in to have that fun with the other team and teammates of course. They may not get the same rewards as other players, but they would still get that enjoyment of playing because it does suck not being able to do anything but condition, give out water, and cheer on your fellow peers.

This is why giving more games would seriously benefit many kids’ excitement and overall emotions because that would possibly make them want to come back next season to play again. In conclusion, this is something that would just really benefit the school sports teams in all honesty.