Forcefully Quarantined

In America, COVID for us is mainly forgotten about and we are back to “normal life”. On the other side of the world, it’s a bit different. So take a seat and stay awhile and listen.

Forcefully Quarantined

 Forcefully Peaceful

 “The class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

-Karl Marx 

Right now China is Protesting against its leader Xi Jinping, and China’s policy is called “Zero- COVID” and it’s used to quarantine whole cities at the drop of a hat. If one or two cases are positive the entire area is locked down. Whole stores have been closed with hundreds of people inside to quarantine for weeks. There are videos of people running out of stores before they closed their doors. They even trap people in their homes by chaining their doors shut so they can’t leave during the lockdown. People are locked in their homes for months at a time with zero assistance to sustain them. The policy also censors anyone who is not wearing a mask and anyone against the policy on any media.

The Chinese citizens are upset and have recently protested (Nov 27th and again the next day). With this backlash from the people, they say that it will “mark the start of a heavy authoritarian era” (MSNBC and CNN). People are getting arrested over blank pieces of paper used as a protest. Americans thought it was bad for them during the lockdown but this doesn’t even begin to compare. China is still going through this battle and it is one we should question. Is this the way the future stances of our government will follow? It wasn’t even close to what other countries did. We already saw the brutality of their police with the Hong Kong protest last year. When the people of Hong Kong demanded their independence. 

We can go back to 1989 with the Tiananmen Square Protest and we know how that went. Their police are required always to keep public peace and they’re allowed to achieve it in any way (*Grandfather clock goes off.*) Well, I have lunch with the Administrator of the DEA Anne Milgram in an hour. Have a good morning, afternoon, and night and see you guys later. (* Gets up and leaves through a red door*)