Rights & The Celebration of Life

It may seem like a regular day to you but read my article to find out more about the Roe Vs. Wade case and the Celebration of Life.



Roe Vs. Wade was a case that mainly everyone in America knew about because at the time was very popular due to the fact that the case was deciding whether or not abortion should be legal. It was a case that shocked the whole world and a case that would cause multiple political arguments. When the case became overturned in 2022 people would go onto the internet and express how they felt about the case and their opinions on it, some would even go out and protest in the streets of their homes and the ones who would protest would mainly be women. 


Although Roe Vs. Wade didn’t happen until around the year 1973, the case had become overturned around the summer of June 2022. There are some states that include Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, and Kentucky in which abortion is banned but it isn’t necessarily clear when the other states in the country will start to ban abortion and the case has left people in the country questioning whether or not they will have rights. 


Before abortion was legal in the country, there were illegal abortions and it was reported that in the 1930s around 2,700 women died from illegal abortions. It was even reported that they were some women who would perform abortions on themselves. The women who would get illegal abortions were women who were either in poverty or were blocked out from better options, there were women who would be able to get safe abortions and be fine without injuries but having a safe abortion performed was hard to get done back than since hospitals wouldn’t allow it.  

Even though this case upset people in the country since they felt as if their rights were getting taken away from them there are others who are saddened and hurt by this case. There are women in the country who are unable to conceive a child and these women go through multiple infertility treatments which have taken huge emotional tolls on their lives since they are not able to have a child or they even have to suffer through multiple miscarriages.



A benefit that would come with an unwanted pregnancy is that the mother is able to have their child in an adoption center where they would grow up and be taken care of until they are either adopted or of age to be able to leave the center. There are benefits in where an unwanted pregnancy is a good thing to happen in families around the world which includes the possibility of being a parent or learning what responsibilities are in having children unwanted pregnancy may help in allowing others to have a new perspective on how they view things in life. 


You may or may not have heard of the Celebration of Life but it is an actual thing that exists and it falls on January 22. Although this holiday was an anti-abortion message from former president Ronald Regan and was at first called “The National Sanctity of Human Life Day”, it is now a holiday that celebrates the lives of children and our lives as well. There isn’t much on why former president Bill Clinton discontinued The Nation Sanctity of Human Life Day during his eight years in office but in 2019 the holiday returned after former president Donald Trump changed the day to fall on Monday but soon after returned to be on a Sunday. 


There isn’t much to do on this holiday since not many people even know about the holiday but there are some people who celebrate the holiday and it is said that when they do they are mainly spending time with their families and centering the day on the younger generation of the family and as well as older generations. Even if you didn’t know about the holiday you certainly do now and you may even know a bit more about the Roe Vs. Wade case and why it affected many people across the country you now also know what happened/happens on January 22nd.