America’s Biggest Conspiracies

Who is behind all of America’s most tragic events in history?

Americas Biggest Conspiracies

Conspiracies behind America’s biggest events and tragedies throughout history leave people to believe that there is more to the story than what is just being told. America always seems to find itself tied up in controversy and rumors about what actually happened, but what if those rumors were actually true? From the assassination of President Kennedy to 9/11 and more, people seem to think that it all leads to one operation. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent agency that is responsible for providing national security intelligence to our nation’s policymakers was behind some of the most tragic events like the Kennedy assassination and in more modern history–the 2022 election.

I had the opportunity to talk to my U.S. History teacher, Joshua Bender, and he explained to me his thoughts and feeling on what he thought was behind these events. Bender explained his thoughts on the reasonings behind each theory, saying, “Tragedy, we don’t just want to accept tragedy at times, people want to try to find a reason and find something to blame. When things happen that you can not explain people seem to jump to other motives that could’ve been behind it. JFK was assassinated on live television, that for some is hard to accept.” As for the 2022 election, mail-in ballots were excepted because of COVID-19 but people think that the mail-in ballots were not all counted or changed. Bender also explains to me his thoughts on the 2022 election and why it left a ton of Americans with an ending we all did not expect. “I think America as a whole was very confident that Trump was going to win, he suddenly loses and we all look towards something to blame.”

Bender believes that the CIA is behind if not most but all of these tragic events and theories. Simply it could just be people not wanting to accept potential reality and being able to rationalize those discussions and thoughts. “Irregular theories, there is always a glitch in the system, and we as the people see these irregularities which is the breading ground for conspiracy theories to start.” Bender also explains how it is ok to point out irregularities that we don’t necessarily have answers to but that we need to look into for future generations. By telling people to be quiet and leaving questions unanswered, instead of being transparent and letting the people decide and make up their own minds on the questions.

Exposing these truths and shedding light on admitting to what you have done keeps people from talking. You can go and look into some of the biggest conspiracies and each one has the same answer and ending to each question that is asked. It is a part of our nature to ask and be involved in tragedies and always find a way to blame others for them. Someone has to know the truth behind everything and sees a glitch in the system.