Unsolved cases

America has a crime rate of 18000 for every 100,000 people. A lot of these cases go unsolved and leave people curious about who or what happened. Here are the two of the famous unsolved cases that still leave people wondering.

Unsolved cases

Zodiac Killer

This case is about an unidentified serial killer who caused chaos in San Fransico from 1968 to 1969. He was infamously known for taunting the police and leaving coded letters. The killer was confirmed to be connected to five murder cases but claimed to have killed 37 people. 

His first victim was 16-year-old Betty Lou Jensen who was found dead with five gunshots to the back, along with 17-year-old, David Arthur Faraday, who had taken a bullet in the head. The Zodiac Killer did not stop there and half a year later, a couple was also shot up killing one and injuring the other. The survivor claimed that the Zodiac Killer was 5’8 and white. 

The Zodiac Killer phoned the police later that night and confessed that it was him that killed the kids in 1968 and the one to shoot at the couple. Later he sent threats to news stations claiming to go on a mass killing spree if they didn’t publish his letters. The letters were a form of weird code that was all signed by a symbol resembling a circle. One high school teacher was able to decode one of these letters and it said: “I LIKE KILLING PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN IT IS MORE FUN THAN KILLING WILD GAME IN THE FORREST BECAUSE MAN IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF ALL TO KILL SOMETHING GIVES ME THE MOST THRILLING EXPERENCE IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF WITH A GIRL THE BEST PART OF IT IS THAE WHEN I DIE I WILL BE REBORN IN PARADICE AND THEI HAVE KILLED WILL BECOME MY SLAVES I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY NAME BECAUSE YOU WILL TRY TO SLOI DOWN OR ATOP MY COLLECTION OF SLAVES FOR MY AFTERLIFE EBEORIETEMETHHPITI.” The Zodiac Killer would go on to kill more people without being traced and with the little evidence the police were left with, they were not able to find him.

The Glico-Morniga case

This case starts off with the company Ezaki Glico which made and distributed Pocky snacks. In 1998, two men broke into CEO Katushis Ezaki’s mother’s house to get the key to the CEO’s house. They went to his house and abducted Ezaki even though he tried offering the burglars money. They held him for ransom demanding 7 million US dollars as well as 200 pounds of gold, but Ezaki was luckily able to escape just three days later. 

The torment didn’t stop there as a few weeks later, the company’s parking lot was set on fire. At a warehouse in Ibaraki, there was also a container with hydraulic acid with a threat. They got more letters from a person or a group who claimed to be called “The Monster with 21 Faces” which was famously named after a Japanese detective film. These letters were all threats to the company’s products saying that Pocky was laced with potassium cyanide soda. This news spread like wildfire which made the company take its products off the shelves causing it to lose 21 US dollars in profits and as well as laying off 450 workers. These threats against Glico went on for months until The Monster with 21 Faces decided to go after another company. Their final letter stated. “We forgive Glico”. 

They then went on to attack food companies such as Marudai Ham, Fujiya, and House foods corporation. Marudai resorted to giving money to the group in order to stop their harassment. An investigator decided to then dress up as an employee, which lead them to suspect that was well built, his hair was permed and short, and his eyes looked like a fox. After dropping the ransom, the investigator tried following him but failed. 

The group also harassed the police for a year which led superintendent Yamamoto to light himself on fire and ultimately kill himself after being ashamed of not catching the “Fox Man”. The group responded to this death saying, “Yamamoto of Shiga Prefecture Police died. How stupid of him! We’ve got no friends or secret hiding place in Shiga. It’s Yoshino or Shikata who should have died. What have they been doing for as long as one year and five months? Don’t let bad guys like us get away with it. There are many more fools who want to copy us. No-career Yamamoto died like a man. So we decided to give our condolence. We decided to forget about torturing food-making companies. If anyone blackmails any of the food-making companies, it’s not us but someone copying us. We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life. Monster with 21 Faces.” They were never heard of again after this which leaves the question of who exactly was behind all this. The world has a lot of crimes that people still get away with and it goes to show that there needs to be something done to reduce these crimes.