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The Trojan Tribune

The Trojan Tribune

The Dancer lifestyle

A highschool dance team that’ll leave you mesmerized by their dancers and bright smiles.
Pvhs Dance team
In the town of Pahrump, there is a high school with an extraordinary dance team. Pahrump Valley High School’s dance team will leave you in awe because of their entertaining dances, and team that will light up your day. In the team, two dancers stand out the most.  The dancers are Lucy Smith and Tailey Hastings, who also have an amazing coach, Mrs. Cunningham. PVHS has proven itself to have a great dance team. Not only are the dancers good at what they do, but they also keep bright smiles and their heads up high.

Mrs. Cunningham runs an amazing dance team. She has been teaching dance for five years now, and this is her first year of coaching at PVHS. Cunningham started coaching here at PVHS due to the previous dance coaches retiring, and no one would be able to coach dance. Cunningham then took matters into her own hands and applied to coach dance and inspire students to join the team. She has always loved dance and it has always been a big part of her life. She started dancing and cheering when she was only five years old. So, dance just stuck with her until now. So far, Cunningham has been doing an amazing job at what she does for the dance team! She has been a big inspiration to the team and is a good coach overall.

Lucy Smith is a girl who puts her all into her passion for dancing. She’s been a dancer at Pahrump Valley High School for two years now. Smith has been dancing for eight years so far, and it all started when her mom watched her dancing growing up. Her mom decided to put her in dance class just to see if she’d like it, and ever since then, Smith loved dancing from then on. She is now an amazing dancer on the dance team at PVHS.

 Dance is something that makes Smith really happy by taking all her stress and bad energy away. “It’s been an everyday thing that has stayed with me for most of my life and I want to keep dancing in my future too.”

But sometimes there are some pros and cons to dancing. Some pros to Smith are being able to perform on stage, getting to interact with other people, and finishing the product. Then some cons to dancing for her are not having enough time to practice, mixed-up choreography, and pushing herself to go past her limit. However, it is still fun for her and Smith would love to pursue a career in dancing. So if you ever run into her or see her in the hallway make sure to wave to her or wish her good luck before a performance.

Another outstanding dancer in the team is Tailey Hastings, she has also been a dancer at PVHS for two years as well. Hastings finds dancing a way of freedom from society and to relieve her stress and just helps her get through the day. Some ups Hasting has with dance are meeting new people and some downs are overstretched, but overall she just loves dance. She started dancing when she was only three years old, but all together has been dancing for thirteen years and from then on just kept dancing. Hasting’s mom first noticed her love for dance when the two would go out in public, and there was a movie or music playing she would dance along. Hastings’ mom then put her in dancing class and is now still in dance class. Hasting wants to hold on to dance in the future to make a career in college. Hastings always pushes herself to do her best and beyond. “Never give up and keep trying and you’ll make it.” When Hastings is dancing she gives it her all to prove herself and to show how much dedication she has to the love of dance. 

When seeing Hasting perform make sure to cheer her on or wish her good luck.


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Jayleen Garibay, Journalist
Jayleen Garibay, a freshman at Pahrump Valley High School, loves to write but is new to journalism and she wants to learn. Her interests in journalism are to understand how to work things correctly to help with her vocabulary and to do interviews with people about what their opinions are on certain topics. Jayleen can be a very interesting person to talk to especially when it comes to shopping or how to dress. She really wants to understand and pass journalism to make her parents proud. She values her grades and her parents' opinions about her grades as well.   She may not sound interesting but her liking to clothing can help people find their aesthetic towards different clothing.

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