Athletes Go to Hafen Elementary

The athletes at Pahrump valley High School visit the little guys at Hafen Elementary.


Alexis Norman, Journalist

        High school athletes visited the little guys at Hafen Elementary School: football, soccer, dance, cross country, cheer, marching band, and volleyball all attended.


         Captains selected who they thought were the best role models who have commitment, determination, for there team. Every sport led a group of kids through an activity, teaching the kids the importance of being a good student and a good athlete.

         Football took the groups of kids through throwing and catching drills. As Soccer spent time on goal kicks and passing drills. The cross country team warmed up the kids to get them ready to race each other around the basketball court. Following was the dance team showed the kids a rocking dance routine, while teaching them. Then Marching Band gave a sweet presentation of them playing their instruments to the kids.

        This event is also very beneficial  in many ways to the children and the athletes. PVHS Assistant Principal Mr. Odegard, explains that, “One of the best things was being able to see the young elementary students learn about sports and activities that they have never been exposed to before.” Exposing the children to all the different sports there are at the high school can get them out and active. And ready for that sport in middle school. The kids can get themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally ready. Odegard

also said that, “ The high school students benefited from being in the leadership role and were able to be involved in an impactful activity in which younger students were looking up to them.” And romi carreon a sophomore agrees she says that the field trip to the elementary school

was a good leadership activity, for her to practice her leadership skills. She likes that she had time to teach the kids about cheer, and showing them some things they do in cheer.

    Overall, this is a great event, and everyone is learning about new things, and not just the elementary students. Fun and education is a great mixture for student success.