JAG Car Wash


Karley Broadhead, Journalist

Pahrump Valley High School holds many fundraisers and events throughout the year. On Saturday, January 27,  Jobs for American Graduates (JAG)  held a car wash and bake sale to raise money for the senior graduation party.

JAG members Gwendalyn Bandola and Ana Valero taking a quick break from drying cars

  JAG is a class that has been offered at PVHS to teach students communication skills and prepare them for their career. JAG instructor Candice Mitchell encourages the students to “be adults” and “make decisions” that they would have to make after graduation.

  Fundraisers and events like this one teach the students basic skills that may help them in the future. Aside from career preparation, Mitchell also teaches students how to relax and meditate. She teaches them how to communicate properly to get their point across and pay attention while remaining respectful.

 Although all students were encouraged to attend the fundraiser, not all of them could be there. In total, there were about 15 students and volunteers, and they raised over 200 dollars.

JAG member Nathan larbarbera was teased by Car Wash owner Sheamus for accidentally breaking the pipe which postponed the event for an hour.

  The fundraiser was set to begin at 11 but was postponed for about an hour because senior Nathan Larbarbera accidentally broke the hose, which resulted in a fountain of spewing water and the word “nerd” written across his upper lip.

“I don’t know my own strength,” he claims. For the remainder of the afternoon, he was teased and mocked by Car Wash owner, Shamus McCord.

  The group of students was divided into separate sections: one for drying, one for washing, and one to hold the signs which encouraged people to come to the fundraiser. While students like Nathan Larbarbera and Jacob Bannerman washed the cars, others including Gwendalyn Bandola and Ana Valero dried them.

JAG members Alicia Luna, Angela Hibbard, and Crystal Escobedo holding signs to encourage people to come to the car wash and bake sale.

  “I enjoyed it,” says Bannerman. “It was extremely profitable and a lot of fun.”

  Although the car wash was the main focus, the mini bake sale remained profitable as well. On display were cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pink lemonade, waters, and chocolate-covered pretzels. All students were encouraged to bring an item to sell but most were provided by Mrs. Mitchell and Angel Gibson, who was unable to attend but still provided an item to be sold.

JAG also held a bake sale where they sold baked goods such as cupcakes, brownies, and cookies at any price the buyer would donate.

“The more the merrier,” says Mitchell. “It’s always fun when the teachers show up.”

   JAG is planning to hold another car wash in March in front of the Pahrump Nugget. All students and teachers are free to come and any donation will be accepted.