Pahrump Valley Speedway


Karley Broadhead, Journalist

  There are many people who complain about Pahrump and how there is absolutely nothing to do out here. However, many of them have no idea that Pahrump has been home to a dirt track for over a decade.   

   Pahrump Valley Speedway holds races every other Saturday and sees racers and fans from all around the world. Although the track has been managed by Chad Broadhead for about eight years, 2018 will be the first year that he is the official owner. The track has already seen multiple improvements and updates this season and there are many more to come.

Pahrump Valley Speedway cook CJ Broadhead prepping food before races begin.

 One of the newer things that has been added to the track just last season is the miniature track on the inside of the main track for young racers. These racers range in ages from 5-12 and race once (sometimes twice) a month. Their cars are tiny compared to the typical race-car but are still entertaining to watch.

   The buildings at PVS were also recently painted in bright reds and blues. Concessions in both the pits and the stands see new items added to the menu practically every race as well.

   “We’re trying to experiment with new food items,” says cook CJ Broadhead. “We’ve brought sunflower seeds, Gatorade, and jalapenos. We also want to bring in a pot for chili so we can add chili dogs to the menu.”

   Experimenting with new food items brings some variety to the track, although the Mud Burger is already quite an interesting choice (*The Mud Burger has been a fan favorite at PVS for many years. It is a regular cheeseburger with bacon and “special peanut butter sauce.”).

   Besides the minor changes, there are some major modifications that Chad plans on making.

Pahrump Valley Speedway owner Chad Broadhead has been running the track for over eight years now and still looks for new things for people to enjoy.

   One of these includes holding concerts at the track when there are not any races. This change is currently in an experimental phase and PVS has actually already hosted a two-day, free entry concert. A handful of fans attended and surprisingly enough, not many of them had known about the speedway and have lived in Pahrump their whole lives.

   Although the concert idea is not a guarantee, those who are interested in attending the next one can find more information at

The track saw some new designs and updated menus for the new season

Regardless of the track as a location specifically for race cars, Chad is constantly looking for new ideas to bring some more excitement to Pahrump. The 2018 racing season began in January and will continue throughout the summer, and each race will begin at 7 but the gates will be open for spectators at 6 every other Saturday.

 Pahrump is not the most exciting town, but the dirt track is definitely a perk of living here. 



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