Cops Breaking the Law to Enforce It.

Cops Breaking the Law to Enforce It.

Kyler Adams, Journalist

  Have you ever seen a police officer speeding down the highway?  Wonder why they’re speeding or where they’re going? Maybe to a crime scene or to catch a speeding car.

  Laws are meant to keep us civilians safe; however, people think it is necessary to break simple laws like speeding just to get to their destination only 5 to 10 minutes sooner.

  When the cops have to stop traffic to pursue a speeding car, by the time they catch the speeding car, give a ticket and get everything all dealt with, everyone will be even more late than they were already going to be and now most likely they will have to pay a fine.

   Cops get a bad rap for their duties, called lazy, crooked, and hurtful names by keeping the civilians safe and in check.

  Even though it may be a hassle getting a ticket for going a couple miles per hour over the speed limit, it’s for the greater good. If they keep letting little things go, eventually someone could potentially injure others or worse, manslaughter.

  Speeding tickets fluctuate, ranging from where the the speeding. For example, in school zones and in construction zone, fines are doubled. It depends on how much over the speed limit the driver was going. Speeding 1-5 MPH over is $90; speeding 26+ MPH over is $150; and $4 more every additional mile over.

  If someone was to go at a speed of 70 miles per hour to Vegas from Pahrump, it would take 51 minutes. If the same person was to travel at 85 miles per hour, the arrival time would be 45 minutes, so the change of 15 miles per hour would only make a 6 minute difference.  

  Complaints that the cops are breaking the laws are hypocritical. The officers would not have to break the law if people did not break it in the first place. The cops are there just to protect and enforce the laws.

   According to Metro Police Department, on March 28, 2017 there are just over 2,800 sworn police officers in Las Vegas, and that’s for a city of 632,912 population, which is 226 civilians per cop. The police work hard to keep the citizens of America safe. Yes, they can be mean and rude and get you on the littlest things, but having to do the same thing every single day can be stressful, so the next time you get pulled over or have to drive to the edge of the road ,be nice give a smile. It may even help your situation.