The Pet You Don’t Want


Jordyn Larsen, Journalist

  Pet peeves-the one thing that irks people off without a legitimate reason why. It is common for everyone to have one (or many) yet no one ever seems to acknowledge how truly humorous they are.

  It is commonly said that it is the little things in life that matter most. But things like nails on a chalkboard or uneven hoodie strings should not matter that much, yet still, they do. There is a list of things that bother people endlessly and they seem to be the tiniest distractions ever.

  “My biggest pet peeve is when people pronounce things wrong, like ‘especially’ or ‘regular’” says junior Shelby Ledford. And indeed, it is obnoxious (unless one has an accent), but such anomalies can forgiven when there are more bothersome actions that can mess with a person’s day.

  For example, chewing with an open mouth or slamming fingers into a keyboard would honestly annoy anyone simply because it’s gross or just plain destructive. It’s just a matter of common courtesy to others.

  Sometimes people do things that are a bit annoying but there are moments when pet peeves get to be too much. As annoying as they can be, people do irksome things as a result of low self esteem or because they are struggling with their own lives. Maybe they are just calling out for help.

  “I hate it when people seek attention and then push everyone away,” comments junior Karley Broadhead, “but I know that we all have our issues.” It goes to show that pet peeves are not always tiny and insignificant but sometimes things that truly do need to be acknowledged.    

  As human beings, we are bound to become annoyed with each other at times, and it’s up to us to know that it is never our place to judge. Even though it gets quite irritating, people have to remember that life is full of frustrations and there is always a way to deal with it. Yet still, it never seems to fail at winding a person up.