Look at all those Vines


Jordyn Larsen, Journalist

   It’s the little things in life that matter, people. It’s the small and insignificant that mean the most. And in the case of our generation, it has brought us together in the most abstract manner.

  Teens fight and argue all the time, but if there is anything they have in common, it’s a unique sense of enjoyment. Vines are a good laugh for everyone watching other people’s failed attempts while different challenges give opportunities boosting self-esteem for surviving a vastly uncomfortable or life-threatening situation.

  Besides, there’s nothing like a good challenge to add a bit of pizzazz to an ordinary day, especially when it’s potentially dangerous and a bit devil-may-care. After all, what’s life without a little risk? “The more reckless things are, the better the content,” says senior Sabrina Jaynes.

  The most profound memories are created when a life is on the line. Vines, memes and challenges are mainly something brought forward by our current generations of young’uns. Senior Darcy Biermeyer said,“The cinnamon challenge was my favorite because anyone who did it deserved the consequences.”

  And of course, this generation is all about new ways of learning. True, memes are not meant to be educational, however there is a deeper message underneath. Despite some memes coming straight out of the oldest joke book in history, humor never fades, no matter what form it comes in.