Disney Versus Netflix

Disney is leaving Netflix

CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, courtesy of GITTY images

CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, courtesy of GITTY images

Mary Smith, Journalist

   Have you seen your favorite Disney movies leaving streaming sites? Disney is taking all of their content off of Netflix and starting their own online streaming service called Disney Play. This content includes Disney shows and movies, Marvel and Lucas Films or Star Wars, but there is no word about FOX yet.

  The new streaming service is said to launch in 2019, the new streaming service will launch about a year after the sister service was focused on ESPN that was launched in April called ESPN+ it was an online streaming service.

  PVHS senior Korrin Daffer said, “that’s really cool. I would love that! Disney is my favorite and I can watch it on a safe website that would be awesome.” Many Disney fans will more than likely subscribe the day it comes out, depending on how committed of fans they are to Disney.

  Disney’s new streaming service will contain 7,000 to 8,000 shows and movies from the Disney library. The service will not contain any R-rated movies or shows.

  “For a company that has bought rights to not only Marvel but 21st Century Fox, I personally think they are making both a smart but dumb move.” Darien Rivera, a passionate senior at PVHS, stated “People are comfortable with Netflix, and a new streaming service will turn away potential customers.”

  A DisneyNews journalist said, “We don’t know the exact amount that Disney Play will cost, but widely-circulated rumors have the service costing less than Netflix, which currently charges $10.99/month for their standard streaming plan” (“The Upcoming Disney Streaming Service”). This might be extremely helpful for those with kids, low income families, or for teenagers with a minimum wage job.

  Although all of the Marvel movies are leaving Netflix, the Marvel-based shows like Jessica Jones are staying because they are all Netflix originals, and, therefore, Disney does not own that branch.

  Starting with the new upcoming Marvel movie “Captain Marvel,” all of the Marvel movies are going to be exclusive to the new Disney online streaming service. None of the new movies are going to Netflix but there are going to be on the new Disney streaming service.

  Kyler Adams, a senior at PVHS, said, “I personally would not subscribe to the service due to my budget cut, but those who can should definitely.” Netflix viewers should subscribe to both sources because they are both vastly different services.

  Disney is transferring their content over to their own streaming service so they do not lose out on more money than necessary. Netflix is expected to lose an unknown amount of revenue with Disney’s name leaving the company.

  Rivera said, “I think Disney is gaining too much power in the movie, comics, animation, and even gaming industries. I am not saying they are taking over the world or anything, but still [they have] too much power.”  Many viewers seem to feel this way. Disney is buying every company they can so many people seem to be influenced to feel this way.

  The main conflict of this feud is whether the fan base will stay with Netflix, go with Disney, or pay for both. Many people watch Netflix for the vast variety of shows and genres it offers, but there are some that only watch Netflix for Disney. Only time will tell on who will stay with Netflix and who will go with Disney.