Volleyball Club

For the first time ever, volleyball is now open to teen boys at Pahrump Valley High School.

Volleyball Club

Aliya Bolton, Journalist

   Bump, set, spike! Now at Pahrump Valley High School, there is a club that allows teen boys to enjoy the hardcore sport we call Volleyball.

It started early September, originally an open gym for boys and girls who want to play volleyball. Sadly, only teen boys showed up the first couple weeks. The club is not allowed to be an official sport because there is too many male sports at the school, so they are just going by the name of “Men’s Volleyball Club.”

    The club is for students 13 to 17 years old. It only has about 15 male members and they want to increase. The boys are very fond of the sport and want to share the love of the sport with others and possibly become a real sport in a couple of years.

   Ms. Villa, Spanish Teacher at PVHS, developed this club because she misses coaching volleyball. She played volleyball all through her high school experience and coached girls volleyball for a couple of years.

   The club’s president is Dylan Wright, a sophomore at PVHS. Him and a few other students talked with Ms. Villa about starting the club and they all decided to make it open to the whole school.

   In order to play Men’s Volleyball, you have to take care of your body. Tom Turco, coach for a men’s volleyball team at Barnstable High school in Massachusetts says, “They [his team] need to be in very good condition, they need to be in tip top condition” (“7 Tips for Volleyball Tryouts”). He advises them to always have great physical condition to be ready for the new volleyball season.

   By the year 2021, the club should become a real after school sport. Cameron Gabrylczyk, sophomore at PVHS said, “ There is no reason not to try out. I feel like we have the talent and the potential to compete in our league.” He believes that the club is improving and have already come so far and that they should all continue the journey by trying out for the team.

   Since the club can not become a real after school sport for a few years, they decided to continue with their club to prepare for when it does. For now, it is just a club that the boys look forward to after school to practice their skills and to just have fun with their friends.

   The team thinks that they will be ready to compete soon and that they are using their time wisely.  Gabrylczyk stated, “I believe we [the volleyball club] can perform at a high level and we should gain a lot of attention if we are as successful as the girls.” Gabrylczyk thinks that they have the potential and that working hard will get them to a higher level.

   This club will last from now, till the end of the year. They might end earlier depending on if the boys have other sports at the same time and if they are willing to put the time into the club each day.

   The Men’s Volleyball Club is trying very hard to get others to support and join the club by spreading word about their club and getting people to show up to their practice. They want attention and more supporters so that they can be able to become a real competing after school sport.