Aliens, Do you believe?

Alien conspiracies are everywhere in the news, but it begs the question, do they exist?

This is a image of the sky when this event had happened.

Eugene Harris, Journalist

   The topic of aliens is one of the biggest conspiracies in the world. Aliens are an outer space organism that are not from Earth, but are also humanoid like beings. There are so many people in the world that believe aliens are real. Many also believe aliens are not real, which side are you on? There are so many reasons for people to either believe or not believe in aliens.


  1. Look Around


  If you think about it,  there are so many organisms that we haven’t even discovered. For example, most of the ocean has not been investigated, as 75% of the ocean has not been explored yet. We haven’t discovered the entire universe to even say aliens aren’t real. Anything is possible. Maybe there is life on other planets, and it could be thousands of years before we find out anything.


  1. Crop circles

    crop circles photo By Arjun Walia


  There are many situations where people spot weird shapes created in their corns fields, and many random plots of land scattered throughout our planet. There is some issues where the symbols made has meaning to them. Also there is people who believe that they are just pranks. But who knows how nobody seen them? Why would they do that? Could it be aliens? Possibly.


  1. Area 51


  If you haven’t already heard of Area 51, it is a supposed air force base in Lincoln County, Nevada. There are many rumors and conspiracies surrounding Area 51, that the mystery around the base has been spread around the world. there is a conspiracy that Area 51 holds actual proof of alien life. Many who have witnessed strange objects in the sky around Area 51. and if you get too close to the base they have a right to shoot and kill you many people believe that aliens are in that base. If it’s just a base, then why is it so guarded? Where are all these rumors coming from? Just think about it.

  1. Many people claimed that they have been abducted by aliens or witnessed UFO’s or aliens related subjects.


  There are many people who believe that they have had alien contact, and some people even have metal in their body if you look it up there are many stories. People believe that the metal is a result of the aliens.


  So now that I got some of reasons you should believe in aliens, let us get to the reasons why you shouldn’t believe in aliens. Remember, most of these are conspiracies and not actually proven.

  1. Aliens are being too quiet


  If there were aliens don’t you think that there would have been proof? Like to be honest if there was actual aliens I’m sure it would have been exposed.



  1. The government says there are no such thing as aliens.


  Why would the government cover it from us? Why does  the government have to lie if they were real he can simply tell us and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anyways.



  1. Aliens would have done something.


  By the way people describe aliens as bad and scary, wouldn’t they have done something to hurt us in some way? There has been no wide-scale evidence of this yet, which implies they simply aren’t real.   


  1. The government is tracking the atmosphere.


  If someone or something unknown came into our atmosphere the government would make a big deal about it


  Now that those are done, which side do you pick. Do you believe? Comment down below what you believe and your reasoning behind it.  I went around the PVHS campus and here is some people opinion on aliens.

Janneth Castillo, freshman, said “ I am very neutral when it comes to aliens.”

Bryana Supe, freshman, “Yes I believe in aliens because if there is life on earth why wouldn’t there be life on other planets.“


   Sherrie Monjaras, freshman, “ I believe in aliens because there is no way that we are the only intelligent life in existence. “

Kimberly Lincoln, freshman,“Yes, the world is huge why would we be the only life in it.”