The Rise in Rap


Robin Benbo, Journalist

   Rap music has spent most of 2018 topping the music charts, leading to the genre gaining more fans everyday. Every day more rap songs are released, and with new rappers constantly gaining popularity, it’s no surprise that students at PVHS enjoy rap music. Some have even started writing and producing their own music.

  Young rappers at the high school work very hard and are gaining lots of fans that support to inspire and help other students. From people sending their raps to friends and family to giving them encouraging words, the fans are what give these rappers motivation to keep going.

Sophomore rapper Luke Lansciardi aka PH.d

  Sophomore Luke Lansciardi raps under the pseudonym Ph.D. He chose this name because “he raps about real things, smart things.” Lansciardi releases his music on his YouTube channel “Ph.D_music” and has released one EP named “One Year” which featured 4 songs. All of the rap songs he releases are clean, including no cuss words or references to inappropriate things, and all of his raps are recorded in his home studio. Lansciardi’s inspiration comes from his Christian faith and other rappers like Logic, NF, and Eminem. 

  Another Sophomore, Jacob Carroll, raps under Litt.Josiah which was inspired by his middle name Josiah and people who would call him “Litt.” Most of his music is released on Soundcloud account Litt Josiah. He’s released 5 different tracks on Soundcloud including one collaboration with former PVHS student Gavin Green. Carroll plans do collaborations with other young artists. His inspiration comes from famous rappers like XXXtentacion and Lil’ Peep, and his everyday life.

Rapper Jacob Carroll aka Litt.Josiah

  There’s a lot of hard work that goes into these rap songs, from writing lyrics and finding beats to recording and releasing the music. The hard work fuels the dedication and makes these young rappers want to work harder and make music that makes everyone happy.  The equipment they use are microphones, recording equipment, and music. Both of these young artists love to rap and say that rap is a way to express themselves over other genres of music and say that it’s more fun.

  As rap becomes more popular, more students gain an interest in rap, leading to writing and producing their own raps. Young rappers use this form of music to express themselves and want to help and inspire other students to rap.