Is Being a Twin a Perk, or a Struggle?

Not all twins love being a twin. However, parks are included.


Aliya Bolton, Journalist

 About 32 out of 1,000 people on Earth were born as an identical twin, same grade, age, face, but not personality. Do they like to be a twin though?

  There are over 10 pairs of identical twins and 1 set of triplets at Pahrump Valley High School, including one of our teachers, Mrs. Kolodzieczyk. As a matter of fact, people get very confused between identical students and it can get very hard to notice any differences. You may have a class with one, and another class with the other and you may think it was the same person the whole time.

  There are many rumors and false facts about twins that aren’t scientifically proven, such as twin telepathy. If you punch one twin, the other twin feels it, or even that twins have the same fingerprint. However, some twins use being a twin to their advantage by tricking people about who is who with identical clothing or hairstyles, but being a twin can also be a big struggle.

  Perks of being a twin include never being alone, birthday buddy for life, and also getting to do a switch to prank others. Perks can make their life so much easier and even more adventurous because they have someone by their side at all times.  

  Veronica Dela Rosa, a sophomore at PVHS, has a twin named Mikayla. Some of her struggles of having a twin include, “Having matching everything with her… and always being mistaken as her.” It is very common for twins to be mistaken with each other by people, and even close friends.

  Struggles of being a twin consist of people getting confused between them, constantly getting compared to the other, and even dating issues can occur because one twin pretends to be the other. Twins have different personalities because they are each their own person. However, they even compare themselves to each other and try to outdo the other which causes many more arguments.

  Mrs. Kolodzieczyk, an English teacher at PVHS, is a twin. Looking back to when she was 16, she said, “My twin used to pretend she was me and talk to my boyfriend on the phone.” This drove Mrs. Kolodzieczyk crazy but yet she still loves her twin more than anyone.

   Twins love, yet hate being a twin at the same time. When they notice people getting confused, they get angry, but they could also take it a whole different way and find it as something funny. It all comes down to their attitude and the point of view they see in a situation.

  A sophomore and twin at PVHS, Josh Sparkman, explains some of the struggles being a twin. “It’s just like having a sibling. They’re annoying and you don’t always get along.” He shows how being a twin is very similar to having a sibling and both are a struggle no matter the age difference or similarities perceived.

  People are often jealous of twins because they think they have it easier. Many people wish they had a twin, and many twins wish they just had a sibling. As the saying goes, people always want what they can’t have.