Man on the street: Takis VS Hot Cheetos


Eugene Harris, Journalist

Takis and Hot Cheetos are some of the most popular chips in the United States. At PVHS, many teens love Takis and Hot Cheetos,.

but I wanted to know which is more adored, so here are some opinions on this debate.

  Sherrie Mojares, freshman, said “Although Takis are amazing and no one can’t say no to that crunch, I will have to stay loyal to Cheetos.”




America Hurtado replied that “Cheetos are good but with cheese. I like Takis much better because I’m more on the spicy side! Cheetos aren’t that hot in my opinion.”



Mr. Sepulveda said that he loves Cheetos and “they are pretty lit, but Takis are better because I like the tortilla chip and I like spicy foods. That mixture is better than the basic Hot Cheetos, they are a classic but I’m gonna have to go with Takis.” But yet he takes a picture with hot Cheetos. Gotta love Sepulveda.


Overall, there was a total of 57 votes for Takis and 32 for Cheetos. It looks like PVHS is more on the Takis side than Hot Cheetos. And now here is my opinion– although Hot Cheetos are good, I choose Takis because I like the tortilla and lime mixture. I also love that crunch.