Person on the street: Should teachers be armed in defense against school shooters?

Veronica Dela Rosa, Poll Maker

What is your opinion on teachers being armed with guns in defense against school shooters? Is arming teachers too risky? Would this really stop school shooters?


John Ross PVHS Junior

John Ross 11th Grade 

“I don’t think teachers should have guns because it’s a lot of power and very easy to abuse.”

Dylan Rierdeau 11th Grade

“I think that it depends on the location of the school. Here it’s not really

Dylan Rierdeau PVHS Junior

necessary, but if there is a lot of crime near the school then it’s pretty reasonable.”

Julia Harriss PVHS Senior

Julia Harris 12 Grade

“I don’t believe teachers should have guns at school even if it’s for defense because it can easily be taken and used in terrible ways.”

Emilia Daffer 9th Grade

Emilia Daffer PVHS Freshman

“Teachers could give their students better protection, if they had guns.”

Daniel Jackson PVHS Teacher

Daniel Jackson History and Economics Teacher 

“I don’t think teachers should be armed. I think teachers can handle the responsibility, but I don’t think it is our job. We are educators, social workers, and councillors, not armed guards.”

Tristan Coleman 12th Grade

Tristan Coleman PVHS Senior


“I believe that teachers should be armed, however, only with a pistol with rubber bullets.”

Piper Bokelman PVHS Sophomore

Piper Bokelman 10th Grade 

“I think teachers should not be armed because teachers do not need guns.  A student could take the gun or a teacher could use it on a student if they are mad enough.”

Sterling Oshiro 11th Grade

Sterling Oshiro PVHS Junior

“I believe select teachers in sections of their schools should be trained and certified for self-defense with weapons.”

Jazmine Stooples PVHS Sophomore

Jazmine Stooples 10th Grade

“Having a gun is for self defense, so when a school shooter is on campus threatening the lives of children and parents, then having a gun to stop the danger should be acceptable.”