Jeffrey Epstein: Dead or alive?

Jeffrey Epstein: Dead or alive?

Skyler Dunn, Journalist

   Jeffrey Edward Epstein was a billionaire financier, with many famous connections and many enemies, a man of mystery. His charismatic looks, his ways with business, and his unknown sources of cash, but is now dead on August 10th, 2019.

   “The Pervert “ seemed to be just an ordinary billionaire in the United States. Now, Epstein is under-fire after his big secret has been discovered, his human trafficking, according to Intelligencer article ¨Everything we know about Jeffrey Epstein¨ by Chas Danner, Margaret Hartmann, and Matt Stieb. 

   If you have been unfamiliar with him in the past fourteen years since he was sent to prison, Epstein is a convicted sex trafficker, having a massive amount of underage girls, pornography, and an island he bought for his own sexual exploits.

   In 2005, in Beach Palm, Florida, a family called the police on Epstein for sexually harassing their 14-year-old daughter. He pled guilty after being held in court. After first going to jail, 36 identified underage girls came out in 2008, victims claiming of Epstein. His sentences were going to increase by his acts.

   On July 23 2019, while Epstein was on trial, he attempted to suicide. Unfortunately for him, he was unsuccessful, ending up with markings around his neck. This had been the time where he was soon placed under temporary suicide watch.

   On July 29, he was soon taken off of suicide watch and was assigned to a psychiatric evaluation. The real reason why is still unsure, but Epstein ´s attorney requested him to be removed from suicide watch. He no longer was on suicide watch, which led to “the main course of this theory.“

   In the morning, on August 10, the two guards available at the time, appear to be missing, or not conscious at the exact moment he made his attempt. Epstein was found dead, leaving dozens of mysteries on how this all happened. With no cameras in his cell working at the time of the incident, along with the guards not being conscious, saying all of “the guards were asleep or not around“ and “the cameras stopped working“ out loud just sounds too dumb to be true.

   People have speculated how this seems unbelievable. Epstein is still alive somewhere in the US or in the world. He made a deal with the FBI for him to be placed under the Witness Protection Program, in exchange, his information about who was on the island and what was on the island.

   To support this theory, there is much to see, to the guards not being there or the cameras were not working. The guards were assigned to be placed under watch for a very serious and controversial person, Epstein. Either both men were having a bad morning, or maybe there is more to this.  

   The next evidence is the security cameras. There is no video that shows his cell that morning of his death due to the cameras not working according to Palmer Reports, a political discussion website, in the, “ Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal just took an ugly new turn“ by Bill Palmer. Another possible conspiracy is that Epstein may have been silenced by Trump or the Clinton’s. Epstein was known to be close with ex president Bill Clinton and including Donald Trump.

   Multiple theories all ask the same thing. Where is the evidence of Epstein´s committing suicide? Who was actually there and who was responsible for this?

Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump.

“I believe that,“ Sophomore Sami Heberlein said, “he did just suddenly disappear. Things don’t work like that unless the government was something behind it.“ Sami Herberlein also believes that “if he is still alive, he could probably be at an asylum “.

   Alissa Golden, Sophomore believes that he made a deal with Epstein. “Because this world will do anything for information“. 

   Epstein could be dead, or could be in an asylum, or even at mexico after August 10. However, a theory is only a question of probability. It can be the deep theory, and can still be untrue. Epstein could still be alive, being placed under the Witness Protection Program by the government in exchange for information on his affiliations, people who were on the island and everything about life.