Before I Die Wall


The original ¨Before I Die¨ wall in New Orleans.

   Before I die I want to fly. Before I die I want to learn five languages. Before I die I want to make my parents proud. A Before I Die wall is a wall with hundreds of goals people have throughout their life, inspiring others to do things they’ve never thought of even doing. The walls could be life changing. 

   Candy Chang, the original creator of the “Before I Die” wall is only 29 years old, an artist, designer, and urban planner who believes and hopes to make communities have a better environment. 

   Chang created the wall when her mother-like friend passed away, and she had to deal with depression. The walls inspire others to write down their goals and try to achieve those goals. By seeing goals that others have, it can inspire others to try out new things. 

   The original wall was created in New Orleans on an abandoned house in 2011. Now there are about 4,000 walls in 78 countries, including China, Iraq, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. 

   The Before I Die wall is just a walk with the words “Before I Die…” with a line, and people fill in their goals with a piece of chalk. Some people have goals from planting a tree all the way to eating all the candy in the world. 

   PVHS senior, Ronaldo Flores also has a goal to do something quite funny. “I want to crash a Bentley into a wall and call my limo to pick me up” which is kind of not the best thing to do unless it’s his Bentley.

   But hey, if it’s his goal, then he should go for it. PVHS sophomore, Makani Araujo, said “I would like to go parachuting and go deep sea diving.” She really does want to feel that adrenaline while falling in the air. 

   Pahrump is quite small compared to other cities or towns. Having a Before I Die wall here in Pahrump could be a good idea. People would get the chance to express themselves in ways that no one would be able to judge them. Believe it or not, many people are very insecure about what people think of them. 

   If we have a wall here, people would use the wall for sharing their goals, their ideas, and it could help people that are a bit boring, to experience something new. It wouldn’t be that hard to create a wall especially since Pahrump is a very small town. Maybe someone should create one. 

   Is it a good idea though? Having a Before I Die wall here in Pahrump could have a few outcomes. PVHS sophomore Hayden Petrie said, “It could make people realize goals they never knew they had by reading others.” 

   Tenth grader, Jasmin Sanchez, said, “Having a before I Die Wall here would help because it’ll bring people closer together. Maybe it would be a good idea for someone to create a wall here in our community.”

   Maybe making a wall here in Pahrump could be a great project for people here at the school. Getting a group together to start the wall could be a great step forward for the community of Pahrump.