Which do you perfer to go BK or McD’s


Two Cheeseburger from McDonalds and Burger King. This is them side by side.

Jeremiah Oloff, Journlist

   Where would you rather eat, Burger King or McDonalds? Overall, Burger King has fewer calories, but they are almost even in both aspects of which is healthier and which has more calories people say that McDonalds has better service and has more options but smaller meals. 

   Mr. Spangler science teacher at PVHS said “The burgers at McDonalds are completely dry and are worth anyone tasting them. I like some grease in my burgers”.

   Spangler does not like those and would rather eat some better greasy burgers.

      Joseph Edwards PVHS Senior said “My favorite item from both places are the fries. ‘I love them so much’ is what goes through my head.” He says that when he sees the fries he wishes that they could be done faster.

    Which is healthier is a question that people ask when they go to eat some where, but you don’t really know which one  really is.

Nick Stesulli Junior said he like McDonalds.

   Junior Nicole Stasulli says “I think that Burger King is healthier because they usually give you less than McDonalds.”

   With smaller portions of fast food is healthier it is but that is not always true. It all depends on how the food you are eating is made. If the food you are eating is made out of fat then it is not healthier than the food made out of 100% beef.

   Most people would say that they would like a big meal to fill them up.

   Mr. Norton, science teacher, says, “I like Burger King. It tastes better and I feel it has larger portions.” 

      If we look at chicken nuggets from both places, they both have 470 calories, which means that one of them is not healthier than the other.  The key reason one might think it’s healthier is the grease. If we compare a whopper and a quarter lbs burger from McDonalds, a whopper has 560 cal. While the quarter burger has 600 cal. With that Burger King is a little bit better to eat than McDonalds. 

   I personally like Burger King better because I think it tastes better and they have bigger burgers and meals. I usually get a Bacon cheeseburger with a sprite from Burger King, and from Mcdonalds I get a Fish-Fillet with a orange soda.