Game Corner Arcade

Game Corner Arcade

Sofia Poulis, Journalist

  If you and the family are sitting at home with nothing to do, check out Game Corner Arcade which features about 50 plus games, such as Mrs. Pacman for the old, and Deal or No Deal for the young.

   The Corner includes other activities for family fun, such as a prize shack with many different prizes and a food bar full of fun. Owners Chris, Teresa, Josh, and Kristie Osborne welcome the whole town of Pahrump to see what they have at their lively arcade.

   In hopes to bring the community and families closer together, the Corner serves Dippin’ Dots at the Fall Festival in Pahrump. They will also be sponsoring a costume contest with actor Buck Steele and newscaster Deanna O’Donnell in October. “We’re looking forward to meeting all of the people of Pahrump that will be coming here to have fun!” Teresa Osborne said.

   The games range from Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball to the Halo Fireteam Raven arcade game. Every couple of weeks, some of the games are replaced with newer ones, such as Mrs. Pacman, just to keep it fresh.

   Almost every game gives the player tickets and depending on how much you win, there will be a prize shack to redeem these tickets. The prizes range from toys, candy, and even a big, soft Squishmallow plushy. The more you play, the more you win.

Game Corner has many different arcade games, mostly including Pinball. There’s the Grand Prix, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and more.

   While you’re playing games, you might get hungry. No worries. The Level Up Cafe serves many delicious snacks and treats, even four piece chicken nuggets! This cafe also serves hotdogs, pizza, and nachos. 

   One of the unique servings Level Up offers is Dippin’ Dots. This ice cream is very flavorful even though it comes as a bunch of dots. Level Up serves about seven different flavors including Cool Mint Crunch. Yum.

   The Corner also features tournaments. Every month, Corner hosts a tournament that usually has up to 32 players of all ages. Entry to play is $10 and you can even pre-register to join.

   For the month of September, there was a Super Smash Bros. tournament. This month, on October 5, the tournament will be Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

   The top three winners are qualified to get a prize which include certificates to the Corner, posters (related to the game), figurines, and more. All ages are welcome to participate and have fun!

   The Corner is also an entertaining place to host a birthday party. There are three available packages that include drinks, Dippin’ Dots, and some tickets. Prices range based on the package.

Game Corner features their newest and latest Star Wars collection. Some of these items could be yours to keep!

 Besides birthday parties, the Corner also hosts other events: sports team parties, youth functions, and even more. 

   If you come to Game Corner and you’re not playing games, having a birthday party, or attending a tournament, then you’re most likely there to buy some games. The Corner also features a video game part of the store, where you can buy games for PS4 to Nintendo Switch.

   This part-time arcade also features their die-hard collection of Star Wars figurines, light sabers, and even more. There’s a corner dedicated to just Star Wars for all fans. 

  “Sometime, we were thinking about attaching a pizza parlor to the arcade,” Chris Osborne said. There will be lots more to come from the Corner.

  Game Corner is an amazing and friendly place with lots to do. You can’t help but love it with everything it serves.

   “My favorite feature of this arcade is to getting to meet the people of Pahrump. We’re aiming to bring the community closer together,” Chris says. Soon, more events will be coming to the arcade. Be ready people of Pahrump!