PVHS Improved?


The gym exit doors that have been wired. Displaying warning signs for students.

Madison Schubauer , Journalist

This 2019-2020 school year, a change that makes students unenthusiastic.The administrations came to the conclusion, that maybe closed campus was best. The campus was closed the 2019-2020 school year, for the safety concerns of children in the past. 

  There was also an issue of the administrators not knowing the surroundings. Who comes in, and who goes out were big issues.  “Juniors are upset, but parents take it with grace,” says Kenny Weaver, PVHS Assistant Principal. Once the school year started, all students expected it, as we were told that closed campus was on the menu. 

Once the school year started, the administration wired alarms to all exit doors. If the door is opened during school hours, the alarms will be set off and they can only be turned off by administration. 

There is a disciplinary action for setting off the alarms. The first time a student sets it off, there are let go with a warning, and the next time the same student sets it off, it will be treated as if you pulled the fire alarm.  

Students, however, have better attendance, grades, and aren’t ditching class. There was a big problem last year with sophomores and freshmen leaving when they didn’t have the privilege.

 Kylie Stritenberger, PVHS Senior, considers closed campus “unnecessary.” She said “it takes away from the high school experience, and as an upperclassman, you look forward to being able to finally have freedom. It’s a time to socialize with friends and feel like an adult.” She explained that it makes her feel “more trapped, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel safe.”

As a junior, being able to leave for lunch was something my class looked forward to. It was something that motivated us to get our license. It was something that we felt was passionate about. Being an upperclassman, having the privilege to leave for at least 30 minutes with a friend and have a break from school.