Magical Night at Homecoming


Hailey Thorniley

The beautiful Cinderella Castle that the Student Council created. One of many of the wonderful murals around Campus.

Hailey Thorniley, Journalist

   Saturday, September 15, 2019, PVHS students had their 2019/2020 Homecoming. It was a wonderful night, yet it got out of hand in a few ways.

   Homecoming was still a success. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and taking pictures with all of your best friends, then getting to spend the night dancing around, laughing, and making memories that will last a lifetime? 

   Some might even say the night is magical. The theme is a huge part of Homecoming, and it really sets the mood for the night. 

   Student Body President, Hailee Wright, said “The main inspiration was fairy tales.” She also said “It leaned more toward the Disney side of the fairytale world but it fits!” 

   All the beautiful murals around campus are brought to you by the Student Council. They bring so much life to the usually drab hallways.

   The green vines hanging from the ceiling by room 134 are such a creative use of  paper. The Alice in Wonderland scene starting by room 204, has so many details. Don’t look past the beautiful Cinderella castle by the downstairs bathroom. They really nailed it!

   Many students were spreading rumors about the night on social media, such as kids getting drugged at the dance. Or some said there was a fight resulting in a stabbing. 

   It really isn’t clear where or how these rumors started. It might have been the result of the students being asked to leave at 10:30-10:45, which is earlier than the advertised ending time, which was originally 11:00. This was the decision made as a result of things “amping” up.

   Assistant principal, Mr. Weaver said “Rumors are rumors and kids are going to talk.”However, we did have a real emergency, we as students can learn from the events at homecoming. Mr. Weaver simply said “In an emergency situation, the emergency needs to be taken care of first.”

   An obvious lesson to learn, that most of us already know from these events is that remarks on social media are not fact. Kids on the Internet usually don’t know exactly what they’re talking about.

   When hearing these crazy things, it’s usually logical to brush them off or ask an adult that would know what they’re talking about. 

   Despite all this, Homecoming season is always a fun time around campus. It’s a great way to kick off the new school year. Let’s all give a big thanks to our Student Council.