Popular Halloween Costumes


Joey Tate, Journalist

   Since last year, there have been many movies made, thus more costumes for people to wear for Halloween. Many of the new movies include Joker, Descendants 3, and Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. Many of the popular costumes come from these movies.

   According to a recent survey from patch.com, in 2018, the most popular girl costumes are either witches, Wonder Woman, or princesses; for boys, zombies, vampires, pirates, or ghosts. Overall the most popular in all the states, was Fortnite, one of the most played games since when it became popular.

  During the 80’s, there were many popular costumes: Freddy Krueger, Pac-Man, Jason Voorhees (Hockey Mask Killer), and Superman.

   “Halloween, in essence, is some freaky cult shenanigans,” said Hunter Schaut, a PVHS junior, adding “I shall dress as the Spanish Inquisition. That way, nobody will expect me.”

A Halloween mask of Hillary Clinton. Clearly as spooky as Halloween gets.

   Halloween has an effect on political elections by creating masks that look like political people such as Donald Trump. According to Spirit Halloween, a mask retailer, the sales of these masks have predicted the presidential elections since 1996. This last election, was the one year masks have not been perfectly accurate. Hillary Clinton had more masks sold by 5 or more. According to dailynews.com, Richard Nixon is one of the best selling masks put out for sale.

   If you’re looking to really frighten someone you know or just look spooky during Halloween, then you should get these scary Halloween costumes and masks, some include masks from the horror flick The Purge. Some other scary costumes include being a creepy scarecrow, Frankenstein, the Joker, Lord Voldemort, or just a clown.

   Trace Donbrowski, PVHS sophomore, said, “Only small kids wear costumes. You kind of grow out of doing Halloween,” adding that he will not be wearing a costume; if anything, just a mask.

   Some people may want to dress up with their special someone during Halloween. A few costumes you can wear as a couple are Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf, Santa and a reindeer, an angel and a devil, salt and pepper, or a nurse and a doctor.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf dressed up as her nanny. A great couples Halloween costume.

Whether you like dressing up in costumes for Halloween or not, Halloween is about having fun with friends and family, trick or treating, and having a blast of a night getting all those sweet candies.