Halloween vs. Christmas – Which Will Win?


Sofia Poulis, Journalist

  Halloween versus Christmas, a very controversial topic, since it is a debate between two of the most popular holidays. Who will win? Will it be Halloween, or Christmas?





“Christmas is a happier holiday for me since I get presents and it’s a joyous day.”   Mady Flynt, Freshman. 







“I like Christmas better because of the decorations. Lots of feelings go into this holiday and I appreciate that there is a day like this.”

Hayley Gonzalez, Junior.










“I love Christmas because of the looks on people’s faces when you give them their present.”

                             Uriel Howard, sophomore.









 “Christmas is better because it seems to give me feelings of warmth.”

                Levi Villegas, Freshman.








“I prefer Halloween because you enjoy the time with friends, and you can dress to get candy.”

                               Emma Burgoin, Sophomore.





“I have to say that I prefer Halloween because of the excitement and adrenaline from being scared. It’s a super spooky holiday, and you see new things every year.”

Kaydance Hagerstrand, Sophomore.








“You know what, Christmas is my favorite holiday because of family. It’s a joyous day to celebrate with decorations and presents.”

                     Mr. Clasen, PVHS Math Teacher.


 Between Halloween and Christmas, only one holiday can win. Out of everyone interviewed, most people said that they preferred Christmas over Halloween. Popular opinions were about the importance of the gifts or they like the celebrations.

 Personally, I feel like Halloween is a fun holiday when you’re younger. However, Christmas is much more fun over the years because you get to celebrate with those you love and you get presents of love. Happy Holidays!