Man On the Street: The Best Part of Christmas


Time and Date

Veronica Dela Rosa, Journalist

   What is the best, most important part of Christmas for you? The food? Gifts? Why?

Hunter Schaut, PVHS Junior

   Hunter Schaut, PVHS Junior, said, “Christmas, in essence, has never been a significant holiday for family. Despite struggling for income, our mutual generosity lasts year-round; such isn’t limited to a single annual holiday.”

Ronald Bennett, PVHS Sophmore

   Ronald Bennett, PVHS Sophomore, said, “The best part of Christmas is the food, because there are so many great dishes like gingerbread cookies, eggnog, and other foods.”

Monique Rodriguez, PVHS Junior

   Monique Rodriguez, PVHS Junior, said, “Family, because seeing my cousins and having a good time together makes me the happiest I could be in a long time.”

Emily Nielsen, PVHS teacher

   Emily Nielsen, PVHS English and Drama teacher, agrees, “The best part of Christmas is getting to see my extended family. Christmas Eve is the only time they all come together aside from weddings and funerals.”

Mallory Barger, PVHS Senior

   Mallory Barger, PVHS Senior, said, “Family is one of the most important things during the holiday season.”


Tia Jones, PVHS Freshman

   Tia Jones, PVHS Freshman, said, “I love the food and my family.”